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Enjoy free Taxi rides of up to UGX 20,000 this weekend with Mondo ride

Fri, 02/23/2018 - 17:15

Cruising around Kampala in unbranded special taxis is the new trend for city dwellers. It used to be Uber back then Friendship and quick Taxi took joined on as they focused on creating a new safer and affordable means of transport away from the ordinary special hire taxis. Having started operations in 2016, Uber should be credited for having changed the rules of the game when it introduced its popular ride-hailing app. With only 2 years down the road, Taxify and now Mondo Ride joined on redefining the future of ride-hailing services in Uganda.

Mondo ride is a  new Kenyan based multinational ride hailing service providing so far the best ride hailing options a basic rider may need. While taxify was welcomed with open arms in 2017 as it teased to be the cheapest ride hailing service to take down Uber. Only Mondo ride’s presence in Kampala saw various drivers rush to the service even before its official launch in Uganda. Its more like Mondo ride is the new kid on the block as many riders have welcomed it in a revolutionary style that we hope it won’t alter rates every now and then just like its competitor Taxify.

Just before its rumored launch later this month, the service has already registered more than 500 riders within Kampala. Guess what? the company has not made any newspaper printouts or even billboards around the city, but riders follow the new 3 in 1 ride hailing service provider. The ride hailing service’s take on the ride hailing business is absolutely phenomenal as riders enjoy free trips every now and then before the service has finally launches in Uganda.

About Mondo ride’s free trips offer of up to UGX 20,000

Everyone wants to have a free trip around the Kampala or even a trip with low trip costs. Well, Mondo ride has introduced a new promotion where every rider will grab a free trip around the city with no strings attached. As much as Uber gives every rider 50% or even 80% off depending on their trip frequency rates every now and then, Mondo ride is giving everyone UGX 20,000 off trips taken this weekend. To make it more fun, Mondo ride is not limiting the offer to first trips taken but all trips requested through the app.

To grab Mondo ride’s UGX 20,000 offer, simply download their app from Google play store or the Apple store. Sign up for the service and just before you get to taste the interface of Mondo ride, a pop-up message will portray any offers available. Crushing on its beautiful 3 in 1 design, Mondo ride is yet to become a must have ride-hailing service just like a few rival hailing service drivers decided to embrace the multinational Mondo drive.

Mondo ride’s Promo codes validity

Note that, with Mondo ride’s weekend offer you don’t need any promo codes in order to attain the discount as its valid till Sunday. Nevertheless, our experience with Mondo ride was phenomenal since the service has a 24/7 customer care team ready to address all trip related issues. Just like when you cancel a ride, a customer care personnel will reach out to you with a better alternative.

While in early 2017 only 3 ride-hailing services offered trips in and around Kampala. Its now a fatal 5-way competition between Uber, Taxify, Friendship, Quick Taxi and now  Mondo.

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Insurance provider aYo Uganda brings back the Fuka Don promotion

Fri, 02/23/2018 - 12:29

aYo Uganda a mobile insurance company in Uganda has now relaunched its 1 million give away promotion dubbed Fuka Don Ne AYO.

With UGX 10,000 airtime to be won daily and UGX 1 million for every single week, aYo is upping its position since it already has over 500,000 mobile money customers. The new Fuka Don promotion aims at increasing the insurance penetration from the current 0.75% as many users still hesitate to sign-up for any insurance package with the top companies.

According to the aYo chief executive officer Edwin Kwesiga. The company’s new focus is directed on turning insurance into an easily affordable product for everyone. Even after some consolidation in the insurance sector as Sanlam had to merge with lion insurance lately, many users still have that little bias about insurance services. However, with aYo’s new gospel, users may adapt to the new revolution the CEO added.

We will be delighted to not only award the numerous winners during the Fuuka Don ne Ayo promotion, but also achieve our mission of changing lives of Ugandans using our micro insurace products, Send with Care and Rechardge with care. – Edwin Kwesiga

Being a micro-insurance service provider, aYo seems focused on promoting its services through its affiliation with MTN Uganda. Even when the Telecom operator is now focused on making its data rates more cheaper than ever before. Its micro-insurance service is more pronounced on the market so far, even with Africell rumored to be planning a similar micro-insurance service.

Out of the current 500,000 aYo customer. The company has spent over UGX 100 million in claims from clients. Nevertheless, the company calculates customer’s claims through its MTN airtime mechanism as users enjoy the service with merit. Nevertheless, Fuka Don Ne aYo is back to change lives as the first version of the promotion operated.

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Standard Chartered rolls out its wallet To Bank Service

Fri, 02/23/2018 - 09:10

Standard Chartered Uganda has today started rolling out its Wallet to Bank service on both smartphones and feature-phones. The banks joins other banks to offer this service and it will allow its customers transfer funds from existing mobile money accounts directly to their bank accounts. Standard Chartered customers who use the bank’s mobile application already have this feature on the fly.

There is no need to register for the service, it’s plug and play. However if you need to add another Mobile number outside what is already registered with the Bank , you are advised to visit any of bank’s branches.  Customers can only transfer a minimum amount of Ugx.5,000 and Maximum Ugx.5,000,000 and the service is only available  on Airtel and MTN networks.

There will be no Bank charges for this transfer into Bank account as charges will only be applicable by networks on your wallet account. Service is available for both individual and business clients.

How to accessing the Service

• Dial *185# or *165# on either Airtel or MTN
• Select Financial Services
Airtel: Input Options: 1,& 9
MTN: Input Options: 1, 00, 00 & 20
• Enter your account number & Amount to transfer
• Enter your Mobile Money PIN to confirm

Last year, Standard Chartered Bank and MTN Uganda Limited signed an agreement to allow MTN Mobile Money collections for Corporate and Business clients directly into their Standard Chartered Bank accounts on a real time basis. This solution was dubbed Straight2Bank Wallet Collections and delivers through the Bank’s Straight2Bank electronic banking platform.

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Movavi Video Converter Review: Convert Video Formats Easily

Thu, 02/22/2018 - 22:55

As its name suggests, Movavi Video Converter is first and foremost a video converter that is designed to switch videos from one format to another. That functionality is what has made it so popular, due to how widely used videos are nowadays as well as how varied their formats can be.

Being able to convert videos with Movavi Video Converter will let you ensure they are compatible or optimized for any device or platform.

User Experience When Converting Videos

Part of the beauty of Movavi Video Converter is that it is designed to be intuitive. It has a clean and simple user interface with modern icons that will make it easy to navigate through its features.

To ensure that converting videos is as painless as possible, Movavi Video Converter uses a simple 3-step process: Add the video to the software, choose a format, and click ‘Convert’.

Additionally Movavi Video Converter makes converting videos for specific devices or platforms easier by providing hundreds of built-in presets. Each preset is designed to optimize the video format and settings for a specific device or platform, so you just need to select the one that you want to use and it will take care of the rest.

If you want you can manually adjust the video parameters when converting videos with Movavi Video Converter, including the resolution, framerate, and bitrate. It will provide several options to resize videos, and can be used as a video compressor to compress videos to a specific file size.

Additional Features

On top of converting videos, Movavi Video Converter is able to convert images and audio files – making it a multifaceted media converter. It can also cross-convert media files, which may come in handy.

By converting video to audio you will be able to extract the audio tracks from a video. Similarly you could convert video clips to a GIF image to create animated GIFs.

To complement its other features, Movavi Video Converter has several editing tools built-in too. Some of these tools will let you improve the quality of your videos by enhancing them or fixing common issues, while others will let you trim out unwanted parts, crop or rotate the frame, and so on.


As you can see although Movavi Video Converter is designed to play the part of a video converter, it can actually do much more than that. It will help you to handle and prepare all of your media files in various ways – including making sure they are compatible with different devices and platforms.


All in all it is a helpful utility to have around, and you stand to benefit from the features in Movavi Video Converter in more ways than one.

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Roke Telkom and MTN Pulse are offering you the best internet bundles this weekend

Thu, 02/22/2018 - 16:51

If you have No fear to surf the internet this weekend as MTN would prefer you to call it or a plus weekend on Roke’s side, then both MTN and Roke Telkom are giving you the best offers. Weekends just got better with MTN Pulse weekend bundle and Roke Telkom’s Roke Plus packages.

While other telecom operators such as Smile and Africell decided to up their bundles too, we believe these two outstretch them with these new juiced up weekend bundles with what is up for grabs for the price of course.

Roke Telkom launched this free unlimited weekend offer a few months back dubbed as Roke Plus,that allows Roke customers to surf freely from 7PM up to 7AM in the morning with an added advantage of all free weekend surfing.

MTN Uganda on the other hand, introduced a whole new youth-focused initiative called Pulse with data bundles to go with it, specifically designed for its young passionate subscribers. This has a tailor made weekend offer that covers SWIFT lovers and normal bundles at a lesser cost.

A glimpse at the weekend offers

Roke Telkom offers free internet to all subscribers on its Roke plus subscribers with the maximum bandwidth at 3mbps for its Roke Megaplan while as low as 1mbs for the Roke mini data plan.

Roke Data PlanBandwidth Roke Mini1mbps
Roke Classic2mbps Roke unlimited3mbps Roke Mega3mbps

On the other hand, MTN Pulse offers features a blend of the popular social packs and the usual data bundles. At only UGX 2,000, you enjoy the unbeatable weekend pulse data offers.

MTN Pulse BundlePriceValidity 750MB SWIFT
100MB + 500MB SWIFT
200MB + 250MB SWIFT
300MBUGX 2,0006pm Friday - 6am Monday

In a nutshell, Both Roke Telkom and MTN are having some super exciting, affordable data bundles for the weekend. But then, shall we see any other operator embrace either the Wednesday data marathon or the weekend offers. Nevertheless, internet rates in Uganda have become more affordable judging by the data price wars that have become the order of the day.

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This is how Mobile money fraudsters are linked to telecom staff

Thu, 02/22/2018 - 16:07

Given the increased mobile money usage in Uganda, fraudsters have also upgraded with the increased innovations and new ways to perform mobile money transactions. Mobile money apps now offer users the convenience of transacting without typing those creepy USSD codes on your smartphone. Fraudsters are also relying on these new technologies as well.

Mobile money fraud is on the rise in Uganda and the new targets are now legislators who have fallen victim of the scam. Recently, the Western Youth MP Mwine Mpaka was conned over UGX 140 million in just a blink of an eye. While her number was switched off, the crooks diverted it to a new serial number that they owned that way they are able to fleece the MP.

The new mobile money tricks

Many users confess their fate when fraudsters victimize them with new tricks. Cutting through the analog to digital revolution many subscribers are tricked with the smartphone revolution as these con men pretend to have the technical know how. Nevertheless, Ugandan MPs are now tasting the juiced up tricks since SIM registration didn’t erase any fraud tracks.

Have you met the popular Kampala SIM registrars around crowdy places? Urging and tricking users into purchasing new unregistered SIM cards. Well, fraudsters tend to perform transactions on the user’s behalf without his/her consent.

Many fraudsters may be using this security back doors to defraud users which could actually account for the blooming number of Victims being Airtel subscribers.

How Telecom staff are linked to the mobile money fraud

According to the telecoms regulator UCC, various measures have been acquired to power up the cybersecurity mechanisms that track down all forms of fraud. While many subscribers have been victimized by the fresh new tricks that feature SIM swapping as the dynamic performance method. UCC claims all city con men have a connection to specific telecom staff.

Mobile money scams are the new catchy income sources for the Kampala based fraudsters. For instance, taking a walk around the Mutaasa Kafeero Plaza in the city exposes you to the trendy youth ready to assist with tips required for your Smartphone’s basic operations or even Mobile money assistance. While UCC in conjunction with the police are reportedly tracing down all victims to find new ways in which fraudsters trick them into losing their Money. Fraudsters are instead developing new tricks every now and then.

As of now, processing mobile money transactions from secure authorized centers and service centers can help reduce the booming rate of mobile money scams. Nevertheless, don’t hesitate to double check your device if it’s not tapped in any way.


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Vodafone Uganda confirms the appointment of Donald Nyakairu to turn around the company

Thu, 02/22/2018 - 10:42

In Facebook notes to their customers and the sundry, Vodafone Uganda has retaliated to claims about their possible exit, “bankruptcy” claims and other rumours making rounds about the company. We recently reported about the company being under administration  but the tone used in these notes deviates from any selloff speculation but throws emphasis on restructuring the troubled telecom with the appointment of Mr. Donald Nyakairu.

The last note reads

Dear customers, this is to inform you that the directors of Afrimax Uganda Limited T/A Vodafone Uganda recently appointed a Provisional Administrator Manager, Mr. Donald Nyakairu, who has been charged with restructuring and reorganizing the company in a bid to improve commercial and operational efficiencies.

As a result, in the interim transition period, customers will experience a temporary deterioration in the quality of our network services as the Administrator implements the required changes and negotiates with suppliers.

We apologise in advance for any disturbances and inconveniences caused and reassure all customers that any unused data will be reimbursed once our network is fully restored.

And the the earlier one read

Vodafone Uganda will be embarking on a new strategy that will involve a significant realignment of its commercial focus and operational model.

While parts of this strategy are being implemented and others are in the process of being rolled out, the Board recently decided that it will be necessary to make further changes to turn around the company much faster.

To that end the board has decided to appoint an experienced Provisional Administrator to help better restructure the business. Forthwith, Mr Donald Nyakairu, a highly experienced corporate commercial lawyer with particular expertise in the information technology and telecommunications sector, with over 29 years’ experience, has been appointed Provisional Administrator of Vodafone Uganda.

The appointment of a Provisional Administrator is a standard business practice that aims to improve the fortunes of a company facing financial or administrative challenges.

The Provisional Administrator, in carrying out this mandate, has a professional duty to be independent and accountable to the diverse groups of people with different interests in the Company. These include directors, shareholders, creditors employees and customers. He will treat all these groups fairly and in accordance with their legal rights.

We have communicated this development to the Uganda Communications Commission and other relevant authorities who have expressed their full support for our efforts.

The board and the shareholders are confident that given Mr. Nyakairu’s vast experience in the telecommunications sector, this appointment will have a positive transformative impact on the Company and allow Vodafone Uganda to continue providing Uganda’s best 4G voice and data experience.


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Snapchat finally responds to the new redesign that left many users uncomfortable

Thu, 02/22/2018 - 10:12

The new Snapchat has rubbed most of its users the wrong way, and Snap has officially responded to a massively popular petition that urged the company to revert to the old design. After reaching the 1.2 million milestone of people who have signed the petition, the Snapchat team has posted as a reply to the petition, that it has heard the feedback loud and clear and that it acknowledges how the “new Snapchat has felt uncomfortable for many.”

However, Snap essentially goes on in its reply to say tough luck, echoing comments made by CEO Evan Spiegel last week. The company still believes that the the new Snapchat will grow on users over time, and it also teased a new feature coming soon for iOS and Android that will make it easier to customize your own personal Snapchat with tabs for the Friends and Discover sections of the app. But ultimately it sounds like Snap is saying that its leadership thought long and hard about the redesign and has no intention of reversing the shift.

Here’s the full text of Snap’s response:

We hear you, and appreciate that you took the time to let us know how you feel. We completely understand the new Snapchat has felt uncomfortable for many.

By putting everything from your friends in one place, our goal was to make it easier to connect with the people you care about most. The new Friends page will adapt to you and get smarter over time, reflecting who you’re most likely to be Snapping with at that moment. This same personalization is also true of the new Discover, which will adapt to you the more that you use it.

Beginning soon on iOS, and with Android in the coming weeks, we are introducing tabs in Friends and Discover, which will make it easier to find the Stories that you want, when you want them. Once you receive the update, you’ll be able to sort things like Stories, Group Chats, and Subscriptions, allowing you to further customize your own experience on the app.

This new foundation is just the beginning, and we will always listen closely to find new ways to make the service better for everyone. We are grateful for your enthusiasm and creativity. We are very excited for what’s ahead.

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These are the two most popular Messaging apps in Uganda

Thu, 02/22/2018 - 09:58

The Messaging Apps market continues to be dominated by two giants together taking the number one spot in 168 countries including Uganda– which is 89% of the countries measured according to the latest insight report by by website and app tracking service, Similar Web.

As the number one messaging app in 104 countries, WhatsApp Messenger takes the top place in more countries than any other app. Delving deep  into stats further reveals the WhatsApp is the most popular app in Uganda and the rest of Africa with the exception of Algeria, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Guinea, Liberia,CAR and Madagascar where its blue sibling, Messenger emerges on top while Viber takes Ethiopia, Libya and Mali.

Though down from 107 countries in December 2016,  it is losing some of its lead to Facebook Messenger. The latter actually gained significant traction this year, as it is the top Messaging App in 64 countries, up from 58 in December 2016.

Other notable mentions are Viber Messenger, rated the top messaging app in 10 countries, and Line in three countries worldwide.  Newcomers imo free video calls and chat have picked up while others like Skype, Zalo – Gọi Video sắc nét and BBM – Free Calls & Messages have been abandoned by most users.

App Engagement

As an important key performance indicator for messaging apps, Engagement stats shows that WhatsApp Messenger is highly popular in the countries where it leads – installed on over 90% of devices in 45 countries including Uganda. South African users are as active as Indian users, though the install rate is slightly lower at 92%. In the United Kingdom, WhatsApp Messenger is installed on 84% of Android devices, and 56% of them use it daily.

Facebook Messenger, on the other hand, only sees this significant penetration in 8 countries, with the highest being the Philippines at 91%. In the United States and France, for example, that number hovers around 60%, with 41% of users using it daily.

Overall, penetration is a useful indicator of success in mobile messaging apps.  The top app was installed on over 80% of devices in 140 countries measured – 74% of the measured set. Only four countries saw lower than 50% install rates for their top app.

These numbers get even more interesting when looking at the top two spots for mobile messaging. Facebook Messenger takes one of the top two spots in 92% of countries, and WhatsApp Messenger in 76% of countries. Together, a total of 131 countries – 70% of the world’s countries analyzed –  have both WhatsApp Messenger and Facebook Messenger taking the top spot respectively.

In 2016, stats showed that the increased usage of services such as WhatsApp had recently drawn the attention of state authorities and had been gagged on two occasions  in Uganda opting users to switch to alternatives like Telegram or switch on their VPN apps.


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The ultimate guide on how to secure your mobile money account

Thu, 02/22/2018 - 09:46

Mobile phone usage is wide spread at this moment in time in Uganda. Most adults and millennials alike, have one in their pockets. And almost everyone has their sim card registered on mobile money services from the different telecoms. However, even the most avid mobile phone users often fail to appreciate how valuable their mobile phone and the data it conceals is, and how easily someone can access their mobile money accounts. Here’s some advise on how to protect your mobile money account.

Lets start with the DOs about your mobile money account

Choose a good pin

A pin is the first line of defense in protecting unauthorized access to your finances or any information about your mobile money account. Telcos have the length of the pin fixed at either 4 or 5 digits. The number of unique combinations available may be smaller compared to if the pin was longer. You can still come up with a good pin that is both hard to guess but easy to remember.

Change your pin once in a while

You may have been careful when choosing your pin that it is strong and hard to predict, but you never know whose plying eyes took notice when u were entering it to complete a transaction. Your account is not safe once your pin is known by someone else. Changing the pin, say every 2 or 3 months is a good move. In case someone secretly got to know your pin and is waiting to seize the perfect moment and access your account, they will get a shock of their lives when the pin they knew no longer works. And your account will see another day safe from unauthorized access.

Use different pins for different simcards

With the market awashed by dual sim phones, most people use two or more sim cards from different telecoms and in most cases, they are all registered for mobile money services. While it’s certainly easier to use the same pin on multiple simcards, remember that doing so can increase your vulnerability. Just in case your mobile money account is compromised on one sim card, the other account should still be secure because it uses a different pin. Don’t replicate pins between either simcards.

Use a secure password on your phone

Use a strong password on your phone’s lock screen to discourage any attempt to access any information on your phone. Also remember to add a stronger pin code to your sim card just in case someone tries to remove it and access your mobile money on another phone that helshe can unlock.

What about the DON’Ts?

Don’t use predictable number patterns

As astonishing as it is, people still use predictable pins like “12345”, “1111” which are ranked the weakest type of pins. Most people use these because they are easy to grasp. They are easily guessed though. You don’t want to put your finances on the bad guys radar just because you are lazy to pick a stronger pin. When you are creating a pin, just keep away from such predictable number patterns.

Don’t use numbers related to your personal info

In most cases, the person that tries to access your mobile money will be someone that knows you. Using birth years or last numbers of your mobile phone as pins isn’t a thing you may want to try. This person knows this information and they will obviously use this on their first attempt.

Don’t write your pin down

This is the digital equivalent of leaving a key in your front door. The burglar walks right in. Writing your pin on walls, papers stuffed in phone casings or wallets is personal suicide. You never know who reads such information and if they have an agenda to make you broke soon. Resist the temptation and don’t write your pin down.

Don’t share your pin with anyone

Sometimes we are tempted to share our pins with people. Maybe because we are lazy to let go of the remote and stand up from the couch to a mobile money agent. We may end up sending someone, freely giving them our pins and complete access to our accounts. Also, some people don’t know how to initiate transactions. They end up innocently handing their pins to agents or complete strangers to help them out. Don’t let a lion raise your goats! You never know what that person will use your account for.

Final words

Many people use mobile money services for their ease and urgency, but they aren’t as careful with them as they should be. If you actively use your mobile money account, it’s important to recognize its true value and think about how you would guard it jealously from any unauthorized attempt. Take steps to safeguard it.

Be wary of getting your pin in the wrong hands. By following the above advise, you are assured of never complaining about unauthorized access that you would easily stop with a few simple precautions.


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Will Vodafone Uganda selloff now that it has a provisional administrator?

Wed, 02/21/2018 - 15:19

The High Courts civil division has confirmed the appointment of a one Mr. Donald Nyakairu as the provisional administrator of Afrimax Uganda that also trades under the Vodafone Uganda brand name.

The confirmation was issued on 15th February of this year together with an interim protective order for the company for a period of 3 months in accordance with section 139 of the Insolvency Act 2011.

Vodafone Uganda hasn’t had a head since the former CEO John Ndego threw in the towel towards the end of last, after which speculations arose about the impending closure of the Kamwokya based telecom. It has however continued surviving even after a few heads declared its withdrawal from Uganda’s telecom industry in a space of two to three months.It is still operational but this new appointment might confirm that indeed Vodafone Uganda is becoming insolvent but could be saved or the other way round.

With the closure rumours still in the air, it was said that vodafone has apparent arrears amounting to over 2 Billion shillings payable to Eaton Towers, a tower management firm and also owes licensing fees to the Ugandan Communications Commission among other creditors. These creditors could have pushed for the appointment of Mr. Donald Nyakairu to administer Vodafone on their behalf until these arrears are cleared. In other words, Vodafone Uganda is now under involuntary administration given the appointment was from judicial quarters but not a board decision.

Image: The New Vision

This means that Mr. Donald has custodial responsibility over Vodafone’s assets and liabilities but first, he acts in the interest of Vodafone creditors. Measures that can be taken under administration include recapitalization, eventual selloff to a new buyer or downright liquidation of assets if the worse comes to the worst.

Mr. Donald Nyakairu was once a Chief Legal Counsel and Corporate Affairs of the troubled UTL before taking its lead as the Managing Director in  2011 up to 2012. He also hold a Masters of Law from the University College London.

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NITA-U cleared to proceed with the roll-out of the Missing Links Project

Tue, 02/20/2018 - 14:01

This morning, the National Information Technology Authority Uganda (NITA-U) was hosted by the Parliamentary Committee on ICT to update them on the enquiries raised on Uganda’s Missing Links project.

The Government of Uganda (GoU), through NITA-U, is implementing the National Data Transmission Backbone Infrastructure and e-Government Infrastructure (NBI/EGI) project to connect all major towns across the country including Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies via an optical fiber cable network so as to reduce the cost of public administration, support delivery of secure e-Government services as well as enhance communications services in the country.

Following the successful completion of Phases I – III of the NBI/EGI Project, as part of a deliberate effort to ensure the network is able to consistently provide 99.9%, the Missing Links project was started upon. The Missing Links project details laying out of concentric rings connected through optical fiber cable that will ensure self-resilient National Communications Infrastructure.

Following up on queries raised by the Budadiri County West Member of Parliament, Hon. Nandala Mafabi, specific to the Missing Links project, NITA-U was requested to provide responses to the queries raised.

During this morning’s discussion, the Chairperson of the ICT Committee, Hon. Annette Nyakecho welcomed views from the committee members on how to proceed in-light of two letters from the World Bank and the Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Authority that provided guidance that the procurement was ongoing and the Evaluation report wasn’t available to enable the investigation into the allegations made. It was further noted that according to Paragraph 24.7 of the World Bank Guidelines 2014, NITA-U is barred from sharing information in any form relating to the evaluation until the publication of the award of the contract.

It was therefore against this background that the Parliamentary ICT Committee Chairperson directed that NITA-U be excused from the meeting and would be invited back once the Missing Links procurement process had been concluded.

NITA-U welcomes this guidance from the Parliamentary ICT committee, World Bank and the Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Authority (PPDA) as it will allow for the conclusion of the procurement process of the national strategic project, Missing Links.
The expected benefits of this project include:

  • Improve redundancy for the existing National Data Transmission Backbone Infrastructure (NBI) by creating more rings on the NBI and create redundant routes across the country geographically.
  • Extend the reach of the NBI/EGI to other major towns and regions that are not covered under the current scope of Phase I – III. It was a process undertaken over several years and borne out of existing high level requirements to cover the West Nile and some of the Northern Uganda Regions not covered in previous phases.
  • Extend connectivity to the major border points across the country and achieve the objective of regional connectivity.

NITA-U remains steadfast in its resolve in collectively driving economic development in Uganda through the leveraging of ICT an enabler to spur growth and improve livelihoods across the nation.

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Could Mondo ride be redefining the future of ride hailing services in Uganda?

Tue, 02/20/2018 - 13:44

Everyone is used to the slogan “Yita Uber”, but this could be no more as Mondo ride is finally in Uganda. Taxify recently introduced a Boda hailing option to their app, Uber on the other hand drew interest in joining the bandwagon that also includes Safeboda that are now dominating the Boda hailing business.

Mondo ride is a whole new redefined Uber dressed in blue, and it joins Taxify which has the cheapest ride-hailing service. But, with the trip rate changes every now and then many riders lost trust in the service. However, Mondo is definitely giving the existing ride hailing business a new look as it is here to stay.

Based in Kenya, Mondo ride is a multinational ride hailing service just like its competitors Uber and Taxify. Mondo ride wants to redefine the future of ride hailing services with a 3-in-1 package similar to Taxify’s 2-in-1 package that features both taxi and Boda options.

What we know for now

The Mondo ride app has a unique layout featuring the 3-in-1 option. It is just like in the western world, where Uber has various Taxi hailing options including the popular Uber X together with Uber XL, Uber Black, SUV among other types. But then, why did Uber Uganda decide to make Uber X the default Taxi option? Well, Mondo ride decided to give its app the true look and feel of a ride hailing app.

The App lays out 3 options at the bottom for customers to choose from. It includes; Standard Taxi, Budget Taxi and Boda Boda hailing options. This give the users the option to choose any hailing option that fits  their pockets even in your broke hours/days.

Need a free trip?

Mondo ride offers free trips to all new users and also during a few peak days.Just like every new user had a chance to enjoy their first trip worth UGX 20,000, Mondo gives out free credit each time you request for a Standard or Budget trip. Nevertheless, its the only ride hailing service giving out free returns on trips taken.

Could the Mondo ride may out compete Uber and Taxify?

While Mondo ride has secretly launched in Uganda. Its ride hailing options are all that riders have always wanted to see. Therefore, this means Uber and Taxify must be in a panic to follow the new trend. Nevertheless, the Kenyan based Mondo ride seems to be focused dominating the Ugandan Market as well.

Several rumors indicate that Lyft also had plans to launch in Uganda and it will have a steep hill to club. With Mondo ride now in play, we only hope it will redefine Uganda’s ride hailing business with its key differentiator (the  3 in 1 option) to push to the transport sector.

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MTN vs Airtel mobile internet bundles showdown. Find out which of the two has the best offers

Tue, 02/20/2018 - 09:50

2018 will forever be remembered as the year in which competition in the telecommunication sector intensified especially in the data segment that internet rates saw a significant reduction across the divide. Volumes were increased while prices somewhat remained constant and other players introduced new bundles with new volumes and attractive pricing.

It could still be a long call compared to other countries in the region but it is a positive welcome since the general data consumer now spends less on internet but actually gets more.

Today we look at the two giants in Uganda’s telecommunication sector and their respective mobile internet rates, some of which share the same pricing (But for what volume) while others are too good to be true but hey, they’re actually true.

How to subscribe

To subscribe for MTN data, one has to dial *150# and *175# on Airtel but everything else is pretty much the same as one has to go through a slew of data bundles categorised according to duration, stamped as daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly. Airtel goes ahead to include a yearly subscription though this one won’t be gotten  over the *175# USSD codes, you have to go a notch higher and call customer care. Both Airtel and MTN recently ushered in new daily bundles to praise but today we dive dive deeper and stipulated above.

Ladies and gentlemen without further ado, allow was delve you into this mobile internet bundle comparisons between big yellow and big red, the two biggest telecommunication companies in Uganda currently.

FrequencyPrice (UGX)MTN VolumeAirtel Volume Daily 25015MB10MB 50040MB40MB 1000100MB100MB 2000300MB300MB 3000400MB (Valid for 3 days) 50001GB1GB (Valid for 3 days) Weekly 2000100MB 5000500MB350MB 70001.5GB1GB 10000850MB 150003GB 200005GB5GB Monthly150025MB25MB 5000300MB 5500300MB 10000600MB700MB 150001.25GB 200002GB1.75GB 300005GB 5000010GB12GB 600007GB 7500020GB 9000025GB 10000030GB 10500015GB 22500035GB 15000051GB 550000100GB Quaterly (3 Months)300002GB 390004GB 7500010GB 7800010GB 13000020GB 15000030GB 450000100GB Unlimited (30 Days)1790001GB Per Day1GB Per Day 3300003GB Per Day3GB Per Day 990003GB Per Night3GB Per Night

Of the two, Airtel seems to have various options at different price points but choice will double down to your preference as a consumer. In every category of daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly, Airtel seems to edge out MTN with many options to choose from, though the volumes actually vary.


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SafeBoda Vs Taxify Boda price and feature comparisons

Mon, 02/19/2018 - 11:12

Boda Bodas in Uganda have for long contributed to the ever rising accidents in Uganda. However, with ride-hailing services taking lead in the current transport sector, many users are adapting to the new technology driven transport options given their safety prospects. The sector recently received a new addition of Taxify Boda to compete with the popular Orange brand SafeBoda.

SafeBoda is the pioneer of MotorBike hailing services in Uganda, critically known for its trained drivers hooked up with almost orange everything and extra helmets designed for riders. We must add that SafeBoda is not only the leading boda hailing service but also a local innovation that has survived for over 3 years since its launch in 2014.

Enter Taxify Boda. Taxify Boda is the Boda boda option of ride-hailing service Taxify, that was received with open arms in Uganda as 2017 triggered to an end. It recently decided to enter into the monopolized boda hailing sector that only featured SafeBoda. With these two now going head to head, it leaves us questions like what does Taxify Boda have to offer as compared to SafeBoda in a price to feature comparison among others? Allow us break it down for you;

 Base Fare (Ugx)Price per Km (Ugx)Price per Min (Ugx) Taxify Boda40040050 SafeBoda50040070

Safeboda’s rates are more stretched to match the taxi hailing rates by Uber and Taxify. Even so, the cost of taking an Uber would at times be lower than that of a Safeboda once you fall victim of Kampala’s rigorous traffic. At the same time, Taxify Boda has come out with a slightly different stance headlined by competitive rates though it leaves a lot to be desired especially in the safety department as some of its drivers lack safety gear for the rider and need more training on how to use the app.

While SafeBoda is the incumbent as it takes the bigger portion of the cake, Taxify is introducing new offers to hook up a slice as its prices are expected to be constant throughout the year. On the other hand, new entrants like Mondo ride are teasing to take down the two rivals with its 3 in 1 offer. Mondo ride gives you options of choosing different sized transport options.

Given the new trend of ride hailing services in Uganda that actually pose new ways to travel around Kampala. Taxify Boda and SafeBoda pose a great competition to the Taxi hailing alternative which also features quick taxi and Friendship Taxis. We can only expect better from the two services while we wait for others to stretch in the world of bodas.


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Here is a complete list of new MTN mobile internet bundles. Check out volume pricing and more

Mon, 02/19/2018 - 10:04

Internet has never been cheaper than it is especially as we start the year. We only hope we could carry this over to other months to come.  All major telecoms have had to revise their internet bundles and the beneficiaries have us on the consumer side. MTN recently did revise its internet bundles but the scope was short and limited to only daily bundles, or at least that is where they made the most noise.

A not so long time ago, 50MB could cost you UGX 1,000 and 150MB/125MB cost you UGX 2,000 but not anymore! As of this writing, UGX 1,000 can afford you 100MB while UGX 2,000 can afford you a lot more at 300MB. MTN has even gone ahead to include a 1GB option that will cost you a paltry of UGX 5,000. This was unheard of in the years leading to 2018 especially from major players like MTN Uganda.

The above are mostly daily 24 hour bundles but how do things start up for extended durations of weeks, a month or even 3 months? Today we are here to give a complete list of mobile internet bundles on the Yello side of things.

  BundleValidityPrice (UGX)To buy, dial 15MB​Dailly
(24 Hours)                  250​​​​*150*10# ​ ​ ​ ​ 40MB                  500 100MB               1,000 300MB               2,000 1GB               5,000 500MB​1 Week ​ ​               5,000​*150*11# ​ ​ 1.5GB             10,000 5GB             20,000 25MB​​​​1 Month​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​               1,500​​​​*150*12# ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ 300MB               5,500 600MB             10,000 2GB             20,000 10GB             50,000 30GB           100,000 2GB​3 Months              30,000​​*150*13# ​ ​ 10GB             75,000 30GB           150,000 60MB Tooti1 Hour                  500*150*14# Night Shift 1GB12am - 6am               2,000*150*50# Unlimited Internet Premium1 Month           330,000*150*55#​ ​ Unlimited Internet Basic1 Month           179,000 Social Bundle (WTF)24 Hou​rs ​                  250*150*6# ​​​​​ ​ ​ Social Bundle (SWIFT)                  500 Social Bundle (SWIFT)​ ​1 Week               2,500 1 Month               5,000

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Satellite pay TV provider OSN gets a Netflix boost

Mon, 02/19/2018 - 09:29

Despite what it seems, Netflix isn’t a dominant force everywhere on the planet. OSN, the Middle East, North and Sub Saharan Africa region’s entertainment network, has signed the first partnership deal in the region with Netflix – the world’s leading internet entertainment service – marking a bold first step for industry collaboration and integration.

The deal will enable OSN customers have access to Netflix through a set-top box launching near the end of the second quarter (around June), and will have the option of paying for Netflix through their existing OSN bills.

With an emphasis on delivering great value, the customer-first partnership brings Netflix’s entertainment catalogue to OSN screens across the region, cementing Netflix and OSN’s drive to offer something for everyone, on demand, anywhere and anytime.

Martin Stewart, CEO, OSN said: “The future of the entertainment industry in the MENA region will be shaped by providers who offer value and choice at every turn, and through this groundbreaking partnership with Netflix, we are demonstrating our customer-centric focus on delivering convenience and flexibility for all.”

A change in content needed to suit the new audience

The bigger challenge is actually producing shows that people in the area would like to watch. That makes it a tough sell when there’s plenty of localized material on rival services. If Netflix wants to have as much clout in the Middle East and Africa as it does in English- and Spanish-speaking countries, it’ll likely need to produce much more content that reflects the area’s cultures and languages.

Maria Ferreras, VP Business Development for EMEA at Netflix, said: “With this regional partnership and thanks to hundreds of Netflix’s original titles slated for 2018, OSN’s customers will be able to seamlessly access and enjoy all the best entertainment in one place.”

The deal will offer access to Hollywood movies, top TV shows, documentaries, independent films, stand-up comedy and a wide range of kid’s titles and Netflix’s critically-acclaimed original programming. Customers will also have access to exclusive series and films in Ultra HD 4K and HDR such as Bright, starring Will Smith and Joel Edgerton. For original series, there are Netflix award-winning shows like Stranger Things, Orange is the New Black, House of Cards and The Crown; global phenomena such as 13 Reasons Why and Narcos, and the new cyberpunk noir Altered Carbon. Netflix’s first Arabic stand-up comedy Adel Karam: Live from Beirut, is due to launch soon.

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Low-cost carrier Jambo jet has started operating in Uganda

Fri, 02/16/2018 - 09:58

Jambo jet has started its operations into Uganda promising to offer the cheapest ticket fares to and from Nairobi. Passengers can now fly to numerous destinations across the East African region such as Entebbe, Addis Ababa, Dar es salaam among others aboard this Kenyan firm’s next generation new Q400 plane.

The aim of the game is that you grow the market, is that you really attract new passengers who are not used to flying. We have many people who travel by road between our countries, and that takes a while. But, they do so because they can’t afford to fly.” Said Willem Hondius the CEO Jambo jet.

Benon Kajjura the director for Transport in the Ministry of works, is optimistic that the regional operator will spur the airline industry grow as well as cross-border business. “The government of Uganda welcomes the model of low-cost carriers in the aviation sub-sector to ensure that classes of passengers are provided for in the market. The essence of a low-cost carrier on the Entente-Nairobi route will reduce the transport costs for passengers, cargo and hence reduce the cost of doing business plus also increasing the traffic of passengers and cargo on the same route” he added.

Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) managing director David Kakuba, says the ongoing infrastructural upgrades on the Entebbe International Airport are well and up on schedule to support more airlines in and out of the facility and are currently are 22 percent level of completion. CAA is currently modifying departures and arrivals terminals for a more rewarding passenger experience.

Jambo Jet rates Example of Jambo jet’s rates

On their website, a return tickect would cost about UGX 430,000 with an acceptable cabin luggage capacity of up to 10kg per passenger, 20kg hand luggage and free seat selection. Jambo Jet was rewarded regulatory approval in 2016 to fly to 16 routes.


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Introducing the new MTN Pulse data bundles

Fri, 02/16/2018 - 09:47

The launch of the MTN Pulse at the #NOFEAR party at Legends Rugby Grounds last night in Kampala also ushered some new products from MTN Uganda. MTN Pulse is meant for young people who have #NoFear of unleashing their potential. It is for people who want to join a tariff that has unbeatable offers in Uganda’s telecom sector. MTN Pulse is for young people or people that consider themselves youthful and have #NoFear. It is for that person looking to empower themselves by doing the things they love without having to seek anyone else’s approval.

The MTN Pulse data bundles include; MTN Pulse, MTN Pulse + and the lit MTN Weekend bundle. The weekend bundle allows one to share the plot and all the exciting things that go down on weekends. The super affordable MTN Pulse Weekend bundle is officially killing FOMO because it keeps you connected with all the plot. See details pricing below.

The company has also created a separate online platform for ‘pulsers’ that will be able to allow them do gaming, listen to music, create sharable video content, get the latest updates to parties and offer data bundles that suit all their plans.

MTN Pulsers should brace themselves for a lot more exciting offers like;

  • Great products e.g. Gaming
  • Great partner specials for meals, taxis….
  • Great opportunities to make revenue-generating content for MTN Shortz i.e. create interesting, entertaining or educative videos and post on MTN’s brand new video platform – MTN Shortz. For every view of the content, the owners get a portion of the revenue generated
  • Great sharing, networking & up-skilling opportunities
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Google has introduced Gmail Go, that uses less data on your phone

Fri, 02/16/2018 - 09:20

Google has introduced Gmail Go, its latest addition to its line of “Go” apps that are slimmed down versions of their original counterparts. The Go suite of Google apps are meant for phones with basic specifications and lower-end processors, or places with poor connectivity or expensive cellular data prices, the Go apps take up less space on smartphones while still providing basic functionalities.

Just like regular email client, Gmail Go will still permit users to have support for multiple accounts, automatically filter social and promotional emails while prioritizing emails from friends and family, receive new mail notifications, have access to 15GB free storage, and read and respond both online and offline. But, as expected, other nonessential features may be missing for example, images won’t load automatically, to enable to device use less ROM and RAM.

Gmail Go not only takes up very little space on your phone, but uses less internet data than the standard Gmail app. The Go series in general is part of Google’s push to have their products more available in countries that largely use devices with lower memory and don’t have access to fast internet speeds.

Get Gmail Go now and joins other Google Go apps like YouTube, Files, and Chrome Go.

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