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Updated: 43 min 39 sec ago

Weasel And Bryan White Resolve Their Issues, All Is Well Now

1 hour 7 min ago

Many people had summarized Weasel and Bryan White’s relationship as ‘over’ after a video clip that made rounds on social media where the socialite was seen calling out for Weasel in an authoritative and disrespectful way.

However, that seems not to be the case because the two appear to be inseparable now.

In a recent video clip, self proclaimed tycoon Bryan White apologized to Weasel and ensured that he didn’t do it with bad intentions, adding that it is people with negative minds who want them to separate.

Bryan also said that they sat together with Weasel and settled out their issues as a family. “We sat together as a family and we are okay and fine. It is people with negative minds who are fueling everything. On behalf of Bryan White Foundation, we are okay with Weasel and the Goodlyfe,” he said.

On the other hand, Weasel also added that he is all in the foundation and will be part of it for the next five years. This foundation is going to be traversing the country in a bid to empower the youths against poverty.

“Whatever happened, we talked about it, we moved on and I’m working with Brian White foundation,” Weasel said in part of his statement.

Weasel is among the artistes on the Bryan White Foundation theme song that was released yesterday titled ‘Kilimanyi’ which also features Cindy and King Michael.

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“I Bought My Wig At Ug Shs 3.5 Million”- Spice Diana Finally Speaks Out

1 hour 50 min ago

Spice Diana real names Namukwaya Diana Hajjara is of late making news for the wrong reasons. A few weeks ago, she blundered on live TV after she was asked to share with the public how she performed at senior six (A Level). She said she got 32 points and how she was among the best and also added that some of her fellow students repeated the class.

She has really tried to patch it up by buying a Uganda Cranes jersey and printing the number 32 on it as well as releasing a song dubbed ‘32’ alongside Weasel which is soon hitting the airwaves.

But much as she has been doing all that, she never knew what was coming ahead of her a few days ago.  

Still on a live TV set, Spice Diana’s wig fell off as she was performing, making it the 2nd embarrassing moment in her career in the same month but still she also consoled herself yesterday night while on the NBS TV’s Katchup show.

Spice still came with the same wig, removed it and told the show hosts, Douglas Lwanga, Anita Fabiola and MC Isaac that the wig cost her Ug Shs 3.5 million.

“These wigs are the trend and expensive. By the way, these wigs are expensive and trendy. Ask Fabiola. I bought my wig UGX3.5m,” she said.

Spice Diana explaining how she bough a Ug Shs 3.5 million wig on NBS Katch Up Show

Spice Diana recently had a successful concert at Front Page Hotel and as of now, she is the most talked about female artiste in Uganda. following the two incidences

Spice Diana performing without the  Ug Shs 3.5 million wig


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VIDEOS: Irene Ntale Lights Up Kigali Jazz Junction Show

3 hours 24 min ago
  • Singer Irene Ntale excited her Rwandan Fans while performing at the Kigali Jazz Junction
  • The show took place at Kigali Serena Hotel amid lots of revellers
  • Ntale had a special time to remember the late Mozey Radio and performed his ‘Neera’ song

The reception Ugandan artistes get from Rwandans every time they go to perform at events over there is encouraging and this was proven yet again last night at the ‘Kigali Jazz Junction’ featuring songstress Irene Ntale.

From the time she landed the deal to perform at this year’s edition of this event, Ntale has been planning something beautiful for her Rwandan fans and yes, she unleashed it last night at the well attended event that took place at Kigali Serena Hotel.

  Irene who took to the stage at a few minutes past 10 PM thrilled the revellers as she performed live songs like ‘Gyobera’, ‘Sembera’, ‘Nzena’, ‘Olindaba’, ‘Bikola’, ‘Kyolowoza’, ‘Stamina Daddy’ among others with a good back up from Neptunez band.

Irene Ntale sang her heart out

Mid her performance, Ntale got the fans emotional when she performed the late Mowzey Radio’s ‘Neera’ song. She asked the crowd to flash their smart phone torches in the memory of the late vocalist

With all their flash lights up, Irene continued singing ‘Neera’ as some revellers screamed ‘Raaaadio’ where as some chose to sing along. However, before Ntale took to the stage, there was another wowing performance from Jules Sentore who is one of Rwanda’s biggest RnB and Soul singers.

Prior to the show, Irene Ntale had promised her Rwandan fans an amazing performance while speaking at a press briefing organised by Kigali Jazz Junction organisers. She therefore fulfilled her promise last night if the video’s below is something we should go by.   

Watch Irene Ntale perform at the Kigali Jazz Junction

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“I Can’t Be Friends With Everyone”- Comedian Salvado Warns Artistes

5 hours 41 min ago

Comedian Salvado Idringi is not a happy man following the treatment comedians get from artistes. He thinks that some artistes are the reason why the comedy industry has refused to grow because of their love for free things.

He gave a visible example of how artistes and comedians work together in the industry but only one party benefits most from the other.

“Comedians hire artists and pay them millions… Artists hire Comedians and pay them with “Oli Buladi wange” ……Chaiii we need to work harder … I can’t be Buladi for everyone.. I also have to eat,” he posted.

Salvado speaks from an authoritative point because he has received such treatment from artistes and because he has also paid some artistes during his shows for example ‘Man From Ombokolo’ seasons 1 and 2.

Salvado Idringi is undoubtedly one of the best comedians in Uganda. Besides just being that, fame has not gotten the best of him and it’s perhaps for this reason that he has most often been taken for granted by artistes.

We have seen him support a few artistes during their concerts but on most cases, he has been given nothing in return.

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Space Lounge Sold

Fri, 02/23/2018 - 20:48

If you were a former Patron of Space Lounge formerly known as Club Rouge, you will definitely l realize it has been closed for the last two months. Space Lounge that is owned by celebrity Couple Herbert and Dorothy Shonga was allegedly closed due to failure to pay rent and also debts that were accumulating from suppliers.

This came after the bar was operated for just a period of 7 months and it was closed. A close source has come out to tell chano8 that, the couple has finally gotten a buyer ever since last year when they put the bar on sale.

 “Space Lounge will be operating again but not under Dorothy and Herbert, someone else has bought it with everything although after the collapse of the bar, the workers had applied for jobs in other bars” Our source said.

Cindy working as bartender at Space Lounge last year

Speaking to Dorothy Shonga, she confirmed that the bar located on Jinja Road opposite Railways, has been bought by someone they wouldn’t want to mention to the media because the buyer chose to be out of the media when it came to buying the bar.

Herbert and Dorothy have also been in the media recently for wrong reasons after their relationship developed cracks and they started washing their dirty linen in public.


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“Radio Went To Hell And 3 More Artistes Set To Follow This Year”- Says City Apostle

Fri, 02/23/2018 - 17:49

Apostle Edward Ssewanyana  a city apostle attached to Worldwide Apostolic Church along Portbell Road in Kitintale revealed to Ugandans in a statement that fallen singer Radio Mowzey who passed on recently is burning in hell.

In his message on Facebook titled ‘PROPHETIC WARNING TO SECULAR MUSICIANS IN UGANDA’, Ssewanyana said:

“The Holy Spirit has revealed to me that 3 prominent secular musicians in Uganda shall die this year of 2018 unless they repent. I saw in a vision that each of these musicians is being held on a leash or chain that is like a dog leash. Satan has given them opportunity to “freely” operate but he is making the leash shorter until they are pulled directly to him and then he will kill them. I saw a spiritual vision as I was praying with Mowzey Radio aka Moses Sekibogo burning in hell. Mowzey was trying to climb out of the burning pit but a force kept on pulling him back into the infernal flames. God was confirming to me that indeed Mowzey died without Jesus Christ and was cast into hell.

This is not a so called “prophecy of doom” but a warning to the unrepentant secular musicians. This may be your last opportunity to heed the voice of Jesus Christ. God has no delight in your death but he will surely delight in your repentance and your use of the musical gift to glorify Jesus Christ.

“Say unto them, As I live, saith the Lord GOD, I HAVE NO PLEASURE IN THE DEATH OF THE WICKED; BUT THAT THE WICKED TURN FROM HIS WAY AND LIVE: turn ye, turn ye from your evil ways; for why will ye die, O house of Israel?” (Ezekiel 33:11)

However, if you do not repent and receive Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior, you will likewise perish and burn in the fires of hell and the lake of fire forever.

“Or those eighteen, upon whom the tower in Siloam fell, and slew them, think ye that they were sinners above all men that dwelt in Jerusalem? I tell you, Nay: but, EXCEPT YE REPENT, YE SHALL ALL LIKEWISE PERISH.” (Luke 13:4-5)

Singing one or two “gospel” songs is not the same as receiving and confessing Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. You must renounce your past and hand over your life to Jesus.

“That if thou shalt CONFESS WITH THY MOUTH THE LORD JESUS, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.” (Romans 10:9-10

Apostle Edward Sewanyana’s Facebook post reads



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“I Am A Music Dynamo”- Chameleone Warns Rival Ahead Of Anticipated ‘Battle’

Fri, 02/23/2018 - 14:21

Yesterday the 22nd of February, one of Uganda’s biggest events and music promoters Balaam Barugahara took to his Facebook page where he shared a very controversial post whose hidden agenda we are yet to find out.

Balaam shared screen shots of a 2012 social media exchange of words between artistes Bebe Cool and Chameleone which he accompanied with a caption reading; “What was this??? Twalikuki? Katandikabutandisi maso kulutimbe always ready for the battle is every one ever ready? The post isn’t mine I just copied from Trump Live Nov 2012 copy .I will always be neutral on this world war 3 battle if any of this American bombers is used B53 or F35 I will avail UN role of neutrality. Team Anti Kale nekyo kigwe kale”

On reading this, Chameleone who thrilled fans last night at the Comedy Store show also took to his Facebook page and assured Bebe Cool who most likely to be the person he is talking about on how he is a music dynamo on top assuring him that in case he dares to battle him, he (Chameleone) will ‘bury him’ and put a cross on his grave.

However, if at all he is to be part of this battle, Chameleone set a precedence that Kampala Capital City Authority should allow the battle exceed midnight which is the official time for all outdoor events.

“I have heard of the battle with my big brother though no one has come forward to put the deal on table. I am a music Dynamo and who so ever wants to battle should know that that’s the day you are going to be buried before your disciples!! And I will put a cross on your grave as I engrave R.I.P. I WILL ONLY ENTER THAT ANTICIPATED SHOWDOWN IF THE KCCA WILL AGREE TO LET IT BE NO TIME LIMIT!! He who runs out of music, Goes home.” Chameleone wrote

Chameleone warms Bebe Cool ahead of the much anticipated battle (photo by Habre Muriisa/Chano8)

At this point, the Bebe Cool-Jose Chameleone relationship is not that good like it used to be before and by the fact that Balaam aka Sabavulu came out to start this fire, it seems he is planning to organise a music battle between the two. We shall keep you posted.



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Sparks As Desire Luzinda Denies Stealing Sophie Gombya’s Song

Fri, 02/23/2018 - 12:48

Once again curvy Desire Luzinda has been in the spotlight for wrong reasons. Rumour has it that Desire Luzinda’s latest track titled ” Manyi Ga Mukyala” was stolen from Singer Sophie Gombya. However, Desire has come out to deny the allegations claiming she bought the song with her own money.

 Speaking from the United States of America, Desire said, “I don’t anything like stealing a song. I bought the song from Eno beats and we even signed a contract. We have it for evidence. I have never stolen a song for the whole of my musical career”

When we contacted the management of Eno Beats, we were reliably informed that they sold the song to Desire’s manager and therefore Sophie Gombya has nothing to do with it “ The song was written by Ice Melody and we sold it Desire. No one came out to claim the song until now that someone called Sophie Gombya is claiming” Management of Eno Beats confirmed to us.

Who stole from who? as war of words erupts between Desire Luzinda and Sophie Gombya over a song

Efforts to reach Ice Melody for a comment were futile as his known phone number was off by press time. We promise to keep trying.

Artiste Sophie Gombya and her manager are claiming that the song originally belonged to them.

Sophie claims she bought the song from a songwriter also named Ice Melody. “We bought it and went to record it at Monster Studios. The environment wasn’t favourable though so we left the studio. We found people smoking weed so we pushed the recording to a later date,” says Gombya’s manager.

He adds that “We were shocked to hear the song playing on the radio.”

It has been ages ever since Sophie Gombya released a hit song and according to reliable sources, we have been informed that the song Desire stole was supposed to launch her comeback.


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Yung Mulo In Trouble As Chameleone Threatens To Discipline Him Over ‘Skit’

Fri, 02/23/2018 - 05:00

Do you remember the tight friendship Dancehall artiste Yung Mulo and Jose Chameleone had some years back?Whatever happened to their friendship can only be told by the two but all we know is that Chamili as he sometimes calls himself is no longer a tight buddy to Yung Mulo.

If you remember well, on the day self proclaimed money bag Bryan White took Ug Shs 25 million to help cater for the late Radio’s medical bills at Case Clinic, a video of what seemed like Jose Chameleone stealing money from Bryan White made its way on social media and the public began circulating rumours how Chameleone is a thief although Bryan later rubbished the allegations saying that he had personally handed that money to Chameleone.

Over the weekend last, Yung Mulo shared a skit of himself himself in which he was acting as Bryan White with Ug Shs 1000 bundles but the most rib cracking part in the skit is when a dude whom Mulo chose to act as Chameleone picks some notes and pockets them off one of the 1K bundles that Yung Mulo had put aside.

Mulo could have acted the skit to revive his music career but little did he expect that it was going to land him in serious trouble with the ‘Wale Wale’ singer whom we were told is on a hunt for Yung Mulo. Our reliable source told Chano8 Chameleone’s intention is to discipline Young Mulo for disrespecting him.

Also Read: Yung Mulo Throws Jibes At Chameleone And Spice Diana In A Humorous Skit

Chameleone was offended enough when people criticised him, alleging that he had stolen from Brian White and therefore Yung Mulo’s attempt to act the skit hitting at Chameleone is a way of undermining him.

Our source further told Chano8 that Chameleone wants to by Crook or hook land his hands on Yung Mulo although his efforts are currently futile.   

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Early Bird Tickets At Only 50k As MTN Joins Nyege Nyege Festival Party

Thu, 02/22/2018 - 18:58

The annual international Nyege Nyege festival is slowly but steadily growing into a big force to reckon with on the entertainment scene as it becomes one of those must-attend social events on the calendar. This year it returns bigger and better as telecom giants MTN Uganda join the fray as official sponsor and partner on a 3-year deal.

Several new exciting aspects have also been introduced in this year’s edition and were announced at yesterday’s media unveiling of the new sponsorship deal at The Square in Industrial Area that will be effective from the September 2018 edition.

According to Talent Africa’s Aly Alibhai the man charged with the production and organising of the event, there are new exciting features which will also be introduced starting at this year’s edition that kicks off on Thursday 6th September and runs till Sunday 9th September 2018 along the shores of the Nile at the Nile Discovery Beach in Jinja. 

Some of the notable changes include the shift from three to four days of festival, Five stages instead of three, VIP boat cruise and a bigger camping site that has be expanded to accommodate more revellers and bigger tents.

Olivier Prentout, the Chief Marketing Officer MTN Uganda stresses a point during yesterday’s MTN sponsorship unveling as Alibhai, Derek and Onen look on

MTN’s introduction as an official sponsor has also come with additional aspects like re-naming the festival  The MTN Nyege Nyege Festival,  like reliable connectivity for revellers to share moments on social media by using the MTN Pulse by dialling *157# or .

, Mobile money platform for ticketing and all festival related transactions. This also mans early bird tickets which will go on sale on April 4th will go for only UGX. 50,000 via mobile money.

“MTN Uganda is delighted to be the title sponsor of the Nyege Nyege International Music Festival. As a brand we recognize that being part of this celebration of the arts and culture for four days non-stop helps create sustainability of this very important festival,” said Olivier Prentout, the Chief Marketing Officer MTN Uganda.

“This festival is a celebration of music and culture from all over the world. This 4-day celebration allows people to connect, learn something new and have a good time. MTN feels that this is the right festival to partner with since we are all about celebrating, innovation and facilitating the growth of others,” He added.

The officials applaud as the MTN Nyege Nyege poster is unveiled to the media

Mr Derek Debru who is one of the founders of Nyege Nyege while giving background information on the festival said they are mainly after unearthing new talent, promoting intercultural diversity in entertainment and tourism.

The unveiling ceremony was also graced by Ambassador Onen the owner of Nile Discoveruy Beach who urged Ugandans to embrace their important natural features like the river Nile and promote tourism even if with limited government support.

Members f the press and invited guests listed to Derek giving a brief history about how it all started a few years back.

A few artistes like Alpha Otim, Black Bandana, Mir Steadman and Beenie Gunter sampled to guests and journalists what they will be doing come September at the festival.

Ragga and dancehall artiste Beenie Gunter sampling what he has on offer September.           


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“You are A Disgrace”- Goodlyfe Terminates Association With Bryan White

Thu, 02/22/2018 - 17:10
  • “You’re a disgrace to our brand. Stay far away from us”  Goodlfye management told self proclaimed tycoon Brian White as they sent Weasel on leave for two months in the USA

Through their Radio and Weasel Facebook page , Goodlyfe has terminated their working relationship with socialite and self proclaimed tycoon Bryan White citing disrespect. The label accused the socialite of trying to capitalise on the death of Weasel’s singing partner, Radio for fame. Weasel has thus been granted a two-month retreat in USA to recuperate.

A short video went viral allover social media as Bryan White was holding the microphone and yelling out Weasel’s name, calling him to come back as he also warned in a way threatening that he owns shares in the Goodlyfe Duo.

Using their facebook page, Goodlyfe crew has posted an official statement disassociating themselves with White Bryan

“No Company Member should ever leave the podium when am still speaking”, and by Company Bryan White meant the Goodlyfe Company. hence forcing the Goodlyfe Management to now come out and distance themselves from Bryan White

“Our agenda as a brand is to RESPECT and PARTNER with fellow Artistes, Business people and Entities with an agenda of developing one another as we build our great nation, Uganda. Unfortunately, this has not been met with our current client Brian White Foundation.

Its a shame to our brand and our other business partners that believe in us when a client ( Bryan White ) doesn’t accord us RESPECT to the brand in an equal measure even after running to us to use weasel on his brand just during our trying moment.

Its from this that we halt any business dealing or community social responsibility that we have been engaging in with its founder and the foundation as a whole with immediate effect.

Weasel will be currently going on a retreat to USA for two months to freshen up as he recovers from the loss of his dear brother and friend Mowzey RADIO that passed on early this month. #Tokyayitaba Loading”

 They Posted on their Facebook page.


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MC Dagy Nyce The Final Replacement For Douglas Lwanga

Thu, 02/22/2018 - 16:13

After the untimely resignation of Douglas Lwanga a few weeks back from NTV’s ‘NTV The Beat’ show, the station has of late been searching for the perfect replacement.

They had Mc Esco standing in at some point, Sheila Gashumba and Crysto Panda as well. But it looked like no one came close to Douglas who switched to NBS TV. NTV then resorted to the viewers by advertising for that position and after days of screening from the various clips applicants sent it, it seems no one passed.

It is on this note that the Kampala Serena Hotel based station decided to trust Dagy Nyce to that position.

Morning Fam, Today i have been tasked to fill the boots of the BIGMAN himself, my brother @douglaslwanga Douglas UG Ntv Uganda To guest host for THE BEAT on NTV. Am honored and humbled to be the man to take on your LEGACY BROLets keep it burning. We start TODAY…!!!” Dagy Nyce posted.

Dagy is not new on the screens having been a presenter of certain Airtel activations, NTV Expozed at some point among others

MC Dagy Nyce hosting one of a recent event

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VIDEO: More Embarrassment For Spice Diana As Her Wig Falls Off On Live TV

Thu, 02/22/2018 - 15:33

As people are still throwing jibes at and bashing singer Spice Diana over a mistake she made while on an interview on NTV’s ‘Mwasuze Mutya’ show, another trending video of the singer whose wig is seen falling off her head on another live TV show is making rounds on social media. 

In the first video at NTV, Spice confused the country when the host asked her to share about her education background and the points she attained in her A Level exams. To our surprise, she mentioned 32 which was way higher than the the maximum number of points one can attain at that level which is 20.

That left aside, while free styling on BBS TV last night, Spice Diana got embarrassed when in the middle of her dance move which was an accompaniment to her freestyle session when her wig fell off the head and fell on the floor. Instead of continuing with the freestyle, she instead bent down to pick it up as a way of consolation. This could be Spice Diana’s season of embarrassments.

Social media is now of fire with people making more fun of the ‘Onsanula’ singer who recently had a successful concert at the Namasuba based Front Page Hotel with extra shows at Georgina Gardens and Lido Beach

Like they say, positive and negative publicity is all good  to the artistes as days after the saying she got 32 points at A Level, Spice went and bought Uganda Cranes jerseys and printed 32 at their backs and she promised to also release a song dubbed 32.   

Watch Spice Diana’s wig falling off her head

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“You Are A Musical Failure” – Eddy Kenzo Blasts Kadongo Kamu Singer Abdul Mulaasi

Thu, 02/22/2018 - 12:41

According to the look of things, Singer Eddy Kenzo has been taken over by fame. He has been involved in several verbal exchanges with fellow musicians. However, he claims musicians he has attacked always begin the fight.

The latest fight the singer is involved in is with Kadongo Kamu singer Abdul Mulaasi. Over the weekend, the two have been involved in a bitter verbal exchange that has escalated to the extent of branding each other ‘failed musicians’.

Over the weekend, the Big Talent boss Edirisa Musuuza had a concert in Lyantonde town where the Kadongo Kamu star Abdul Mulaasi was at the same location with each fighting to have a big gathering.

Eddy Kenzo performs with Rema at his recent concert in Jahazi Pier

It has also been reported that the “Farm” hit-maker is in a bitter relationship after the Big Talent camp reportedly plotted to decline his show while in Lyatonde. According to sources, it is believed that, in all the shows that were held in Lyatonde, Abdul Mulaasi had a higher capacity as compared to singer Eddy Kenzo’s.

Abdul Mulaasi made an appearance at David Lutalo’s concert earlier this year  

A few days back, singer Eddy Kenzo signed another fresh artiste to his label called New York. The Dancehall singer, New York has earned himself a slot to be part of the group. The signing and unveiling happened on Monday at Big Talent head offices in Makindye along Salama road.

This happened after the big talent boss had also signed a female singer called Pia Pounds which raised eyebrows of his loyal fans.

New York has released songs such as “Nakwatamu”, “Anjagala”  Ft King Saha that received massive reception.


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“I Was Fighting Drug Addiction” Ziza Bafana Speaks Out On His Musical Sabbatical

Thu, 02/22/2018 - 11:01

Fast fading musician and ragga artiste Ziza Bafana has finally come out to talk about his life. Speaking to media earlier this week, the singer made a public announcement about his life transformation from drugs to a drug-free life.

The musician also went on his twitter handle and made a humbling comment on how he is a transformed artiste and deserves a second chance.

“From addiction to discipline” Bafana posted and on his twitter.

However, in an interview, Bafana freely spoke about his better side of life without drugs and how he is coping up steadily with a normal disciplined life.

The “Pomini Pomini” hit maker disclosed that he went off the music scenes to rehabilitate his life which he says that he realized it was costing him after relying on drugs. Meanwhile, the “joker” hit-maker trashed rumour that was circulating that he had quit music.

The artiste who has been very quiet on the music scene in recent times, however, expressed his discontent about the ongoing information that he has musically failed to regain back his lost glory with the major excuse that he was silently working on his self-discipline and fighting drug addiction.

A few years back, it was rumoured that the singer was in a secret relationship with Bukedde TV presenter Fifi de queen. However; she kept on denying their affair until when Bafana fell off the stage and was rushed to a clinic in Namasuba during a concert.

 By then, the source told us that Fiona never left the clinic from the time the singer was admitted until the day he was discharged. To be more specific, she kept on posting messages and pictures on social media about Bafana’s condition asking for prayers. Here is one of the messages she sent to the singer by then. “The more prayers u send the better for our artist, he is promising to get better though  still in da hospital on treatment.tanxs for da prayers but plz send more.” 

However, Fifi de queen recently got hitched to long time boyfriend  Fab Love


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When Chameleone Took His Philanthropic Heart To Congo

Wed, 02/21/2018 - 19:31

After a successful sold out show in Congo, musician Jose Chameleone decided to give some of the money he made during the show to the less privileged people of Goma.

The Ugandan musician who made his first performance in Congo after so many years was touched by the state of people in Goma through the endless wars, drought and famine that the people have been suffering from lately.

Chameleone through his foundation donated over $3000 (11 million in Ug Shs) worth of food to the disadvantaged children at an orphanage in Goma. He donated food stuffs like rice, Maize Flour (posho), beans and porridge among others.

The children of this orphanage were so ecstatic to be gifted by the music icon who also performed for them at no cost.

Chameleone has for many years been doing charity works underground but faced a lot of criticism a few years back when he promised to build people of Karamoja boreholes from the proceeds of his Serena Hotel concert in 2014 which he never did.

This is not the first time the ‘Wale Wale’ musician is pissed with Ugandans as a few years ago during his concert at Kyadondo Rugby Club, the musician threatened to relocate to Kenya mainly because of the negative stories from the media.

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Bebe Cool Rewards Yet Another Dj With An iPhone X

Wed, 02/21/2018 - 18:52

When Bebe Cool promises something, he will make sure he does it even it means what. At the beginning of this year he promised to multiply his pace of doing good music. So far so good as he started off with the release of a latest collabo song dubbed ‘Your Love’ with Charly Black, Pitbull and Honoreble, as well as the release of his latest single ‘Want It’ whose video was shot in South Africa.

Talking about promises, after buying and handing over an iPhone X to Dj Aludah last week, Bebe Cool promised to buy an iPhone X to another Dj called Slick Stuart of the Dj Roja and Slick Stuart duo fame and yes he delivered it last night. Bebe Cool seems to be on a mission to prove wrong the Djs who said have never benefited from him yet he is one of the top artistes.

 “When Uncle @BebeCoolUG Promises To Deliver He actually Does. Thank You Sir #IphoneX.” Dj Slick Stuart excitedly tweeted and accompanied the tweet with a photo of him and Bebe handing over the phone to him

Question: Since Bebe Cool promised to chock his fans with quality work this year, is buying Djs these expensive phones a tool of wanting them to play his music most as opposed to other artistes’? We shall this here.

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Is Brian White Now Undermining Ugandan Artistes?

Wed, 02/21/2018 - 13:49

It’s not even a year but the name Brian White is continuing to take over the social scene. Branding himself as an activist, the money bag still continues to show that money is not something people should worry about and besides that, he has also continued to prove that he is even bigger than most Ugandan musicians.

He has dealt with almost all the top artistes. Artistes who shake the industry from Jose Chameleone to Bebe Cool and then Goodlyfe.

He has even dealt with others like Tindatine, King Michael,Big Eye and Spice Diana among others. But is this relationship the main reason why the socialite behaved the way he did yesterday?

In a video clip that made rounds on social media, Brian White is heard yelling out Weasel’s name a number of times before calling him out in an authoritative manner. After that, he said no person in his Brian White Foundation should move an inch before he leaves the podium.

Before that, he had also turned Chameleone into one of his aides. The musician would follow him everywhere he goes and at one time Chameleone was seen taking Brian White’s photos. In the hospital, he instructed Chameleone to count the money he had given in for Radio’s treatment.

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‘Black Panther’ Breaks Records At Box Office In First Week After Release

Wed, 02/21/2018 - 13:18

Four days ago, the highly anticipated Black Panther movie premiered and here in Uganda, it premiered at Century Cinemax in Naalya at a glamorous red carpet event. Despite the poor quality picture, those who attended left with their heads up for being the first to get a glimpse of our very own Daniel Kaluuya and Florence Kasumba in action.

However, the two were part of history even before the premier as the movie continues to break records.

The Marvel film scored the biggest opening day of 2018 in the U.K and Irish box office. According to reliable information, the movie pulled in 2.67 million pounds (almost 3.77 million US dollars) on its opening day, ten days ago, delivering the highest-grossing single day at the U.K. box office this year.

This news comes about a month after the film unseated “Captain America: Civil War” to become Fandango’s best-selling Marvel movie in the first 24 hours of ticket pre-sales.

With these records already broken, Black Panther is destined for greatness at the box office and it’s surely going to position Marvel at the top.

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Nutty Neithan And Latinum Set For Double Act At Unplugged Show

Wed, 02/21/2018 - 12:58

This evening all roads lead to Liquid Silk in Naalya for yet another edition of the now popular ‘Unplugged Shows’ that happens every Wednesday. However this time round, it is going to be historical as two artistes are set to be unplugged on the same day as they grace the same stage in a live performance.

The much sort-for live music platform in Kampala has already hosted several artistes before but mostly as single individuals or bands  since it started in November in 2017. So tonight’s edition is going to change all that because something different will be on offer for the revellers as Liquid Silk Naalya plans to host two acts on the same stage this Wednesday almost doing same genre and type of music  which is Ragga-dancehall.

Nutty Neithan will be performing tonight

Dancehall stars Nutty Neithan and the new kid on the block Latinum, will grace the ‘Unplugged’  Season 2 stage this tonight in what is being dubbed Unplugged Season2 – Double trouble.

Some of the big name artistes like Afrigo Band, Bebe Cool, Chameleone, Cindy and most recently Myko  Ouma have already showcased at the same venue and enchanted fans in the upscale Naalya-based club with exciting live performances

The introduction of two acts on the same stage is definitely a departure from the usual norm, and it appears to be an attempt by the management of Liquid Silk to add flavour to Unplugged.

The blue hair-tinted Nutty Neithan popular for tracks like “Bakuwe Kyonywa”, “Binkubye,“ “Walk To Work” as well as ”Follow My Rules,“ – a collaboration with Mun G will do his thing alongside youngster Latinum fresh from completing his A-level and one of last year’s break-through artistes.

Latinum will be sharing the same stage with Nutty Neithan

The fresh talent  known for his distinct dancehall voice is popular among the young audience for tracks like “Ova Kampala,” “Baabo,” “Man Away,” “Some Mi Want” and “Amanya Gange”

With FOMO already building up, anticipation is also sky-rocketing as the show is expected to trill. But can the two do it with a live band?. We’ll find out this evening.


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