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THE MUBS Stretch That Excites Kampala Men

Sat, 02/17/2018 - 21:46

There’s no greater stretch for Ugandan men than the Makerere University Business School (MUBS)’ stretch. This is the road that runs all the way from Nakawa traffic lights to the Bugolobi junction next to the MTN building.

Along these stretch, Ugandan men all optically fed as they savour all the niceness that is God’s work of art in form of these hot MUBS’ girls that walk along this stretch. It is said that the beauty of these girls is the cause of the traffic jam in this area especially in the morning, afternoon and evening rush-hours.

This stretch is defined by Hostels such as Betsam Hostel, known for its awesome ladies, Valley Courts for its outgoing girls, Devine Hostel, Akamwesi, Dofra and Vision House just to mention but a few. If you are a Ugandan man and you’ve not driven along this stretch, then you are still in the past century.

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Israel to Build $300 million Airport in Hoima, Uganda

Mon, 02/05/2018 - 12:23

Shikun & Binui Holdings Ltd. (TASE: SKBN), controlled by Shari Arison and managed by Yuval Dagim, will build a new airport in Hoima district, Uganda. The company today reported to the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) that an agreement between its SBI subsidiary, which is responsible for the group’s contracting activity, and the Ugandan government has entered into effect.

Construction of the airport, which is being built in order to support development of the oil industry in the region, is scheduled to take three years in rural territory in the oil drilling area near the city of Hoima and Lake Albert in northwestern Uganda.

The price for the project is estimated at $309 million, and is designated for payment during the construction period. UK ministerial department UK Export Finance (UKEF) and a commercial bank are financing the project. SBI has received an advance amounting to 10% of the project’s price.

Work on the project includes building 3.5 kilometers of takeoff and landing runways, development and drainage work, asphalt, concrete, electromechanical work, navigation and communications systems, construction of a terminal building for cargo, a control tower, and other residential and service buildings.

Shikun & Binui adds, “To the best of the company’s knowledge, the Ugandan government is planning to qualify the airport as an international airport serving passengers that will be the country’s second largest airport.”

Shikun & Binui’s share price was down slightly. The share price has climbed 9% over the past year, pushing the company’s market cap up to NIS 3.4 billion.

Dagim stated, “The selection of SMI proves again the great trust parties ordering work in African countries have in the company’s ability to successfully and efficiently construct complicated engineering infrastructure projects. This project follows a long series of projects that the company has carried out, and is still carrying out, in order to improve the quality of infrastructure in these countries.”

Most of Shikun & Binui’s activity in Africa takes place in Nigeria, where there has been great upheaval since 2015, following the steep downturn in oil prices that caused a share devaluation in the local currency, the naira, and a halt in projects in the country for a prolonged period.

The crisis in Nigeria reduced Shikun & Binui’s revenue by 18% to NIS 5.1 billion in 2015, following a $163 million (NIS 640 million) drop in revenue from construction projects in Nigeria. The fall in revenue cut the company’s annual gross profit to NIS 875 million (the gross profit rate remained unchanged at 17%) and its operating profit to NIS 601 million, but its net profit was down only 1% to NIS 425 million.

Shikun & Binui resumed its growth in 2016, with a 6.1% rise in revenue to NIS 5.4 billion and a 9% gain in net profit to NIS 480 million.

The Nigerian crisis pushing Shikun & Binui’s share price into a downward spiral in the second half of 2015, but recovery followed in 2016 simultaneously with the resumption of activity in the country and further growth in the company’s other activities. The company’s share price reached a new record in May 2017 (and then resumed its downward path).

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Meet Peterson Mwesiga, the Only Law First Class Graduate in 10 Years

Sun, 01/21/2018 - 13:08

After a drought of first class degrees at the Makerere University Law School, one man has managed to break the spell. For over 10 years, no single student at Makerere University had ever graduated with a First Class Degree in Law. Well, that is now history, one man, Peterson Mwesiga just set a new record.

Although the Makerere Law School was established in 1968, it has only registered 10 First Class Degrees since then. Mwesiga’s degree becomes the 11th. This has left many wondering if Mwesiga could be the most intelligent Uganda of this modern era.

During his time as an Engineering Student, he graduated with a First Class Degree in Electrical Engineering and is currently a Phd Student in the field of Engineering. It is a rare feat for an Engineer to conquer the law school while pursuing his Phd.

The exceptional Mwesiga is an old student of Ntare School and has surely raised the bar high in the country. The few people who have been lucky to attend his lectures at Makerere note that he is the only lecturer who would come into the class with just his head. “He is a moving Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla. He is just amazing, no wonder at CEDAT, he was the one lecturing the hardest electrical engineering course unit; “electrical materials.”

Mwesiga is married to Phionah Naturindah, another very intelligent lady. He’s already been admitted to the Bar Course at the Law Development Centre (2017-2018).


2018: Bachelor of Laws, Makerere University

2012-2015: Doctoral Researcher, Communications Engineering at Makerere University/CSIR

2009-2011: Master of Science in Electrical Engineering

2004-2008: Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

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Uganda’s Queen of Katwe, Phiona Mutesi Leads Her University to Chess Title

Wed, 01/10/2018 - 20:08

Heads turned when the Northwest University Intercollegiate Chess Team, led by college chess star Phiona Mutesi (better known as the “Queen of Katwe”), arrived at this year’s Pan-American Intercollegiate Chess Championships.  The attention moved to center stage when the Northwest University chess club won the trophy for the Top Small College Team category in its first season of competition.

Northwest clinched the trophy with its 4-0 sweep of defending champion Oberlin College, which had taken the trophy in each of the previous four years.  The Northwest team faced stiff competition to earn the trophy, playing opposite college chess clubs from Columbia University, Arizona State University, Tecnológico Nacional de México, University of Maryland-Baltimore County, Oberlin College, and University of Minnesota-Twin Cities.  Small college chess teams like Northwest played against teams from all divisions and earned the trophy by earning the most points in its division.  First-year student Phiona Mutesi, featured in the 2016 Disney film, “Queen of Katwe,” played on Board 2 and won three matches while drawing in another.  Ben Mukumbya, her Uganda countryman and fellow freshman, earned three wins on Board 1.  Teammates Andrew Uptain (first-year transfer) and freshman Walter Borbridge also contributed wins to the team’s success.  Articles featuring the outstanding new team appeared in Chess Life Online Magazine, Chess Base Online, and (United States Chess Federation).

Northwest’s coach, National Master Elliott Neff, was recognized immediately by the organizers of the tournament, as he serves as CEO and Founder of Chess4Life, one of America’s largest chess teaching companies.  The chess education tools offered by Chess4Life are industry leading and key in the rapid development of the Northwest University chess team’s skill.  Neff played an instrumental role in bringing the team into being when he called Dr. Joseph Castleberry, President of Northwest University, to ask whether the university would consider offering a scholarship to Mutesi.  When she visited Northwest, Dr. Castleberry not only offered her a scholarship, but also extended the same opportunity to her Ugandan teammate, Benjamin Mukumbya.  With two strong players approaching Master ratings, Dr. Castleberry decided it would be possible for the University to compete in world-class intercollegiate tournaments.

The Pan-American Intercollegiate Chess Championships include university teams from Canada to South America.  Perennial leaders such as Webster University, and University of Texas-Dallas field multiple teams made up entirely of grandmasters on full-ride scholarships.  More than 85 Master level and above players competed on the various college teams with dozens bearing the International Grandmaster Title. Northwest University plans to make a long-term commitment to intercollegiate chess, building on this year’s success.

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Why Are Top Bank of Uganda Staff Still Meeting the Mpangas?

Wed, 01/10/2018 - 20:04

On 17th December 2017, Uganda’s most successful entrepreneur, Sudhir Ruparelia registered one of his first and fundamental victories against Bank of Uganda (BOU). The High Court had ruled that BOU could not be represented by AF Mpanga advocates and Timothy Masembe. This it was argued was a conflict of interest considering that Mpanga had been a Crane Bank Lawyer for over 10 years.

However we can now reveal that despite this ruling, BOU staff continue to be cacooned in late night meetings with these forbidden lawyers. Among the BOU staff are Louis Kasekende, the Deputy Governor, the infamous supervision boss, Christine Bagyenda and the Head of Legal at BOU, Margaret Kasule.

Many have interpreted these as kicks of a dying horse as BOU is yet to announce a new law firm to represent them in their case against Sudhir Ruparelia.

According to our sources, these late night meetings are to help transfer information that would otherwise be considered confidential and should never be disclosed by the lawyers who signed a non-disclosure agreement with their former client (Sudhir Ruparelia).

In other news, Bank of Uganda is still yet to explain how a Bank they considered failed and had it acquired would result in its buyer (DFCU) becoming one of the most profitable banks in the aftermath of the buy-out. Could it have been that their was an inside scam to make Sudhir lose his bank? If Crane Bank was really operating in losses, how could it be that DFCU after taking over was able to pay its shareholders dividends for the first time in a long while?

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NBS TV Negotiating to Buy Observer Newspaper In Billion Shillings Deal

Wed, 01/03/2018 - 19:47

It is now not news anymore, all that is left is for shareholders of Observer Media to put pen to paper accepting to be acquired by NBS TV under its Next Media Group. This will launch Next Media as one of Uganda’s leading media groups.

Although originally poised to focus on the electronic spectrum, NBS will now be expanding its arm length into the print media, an industry that many analysts have written off. Some of the brands under Next Media include Sanyuka TV, Salaam TV, Nile Post and Next communications just to mention but a few.

On 2nd Tuesday January 2017, the Observer big wigs were locked in a meeting with the heads at NBS TV. Among the things discussed was the due diligence report that was conducted in November 2017 to ascertain the true worth of Observer media. The final draft agreement was also discussed without much opposition from either sides. Among those present were lawyers for both companies.

According to a reliable source at Next Media, Observer was valued at UGX 4.8 billion shillings both in assets and brand equity. Next Media will inherit all Observer’s debts and credit portfolios. Of the 4.8 billion shillings, three quarters will be paid off in actual cash while the rest will be given to the Observer owners as part shares in Next Media.

In the past one year Observer Media has struggled to keep up with the hasty industry, down-sizing some of its staff and cutting back from a tri-weekly to a weekly. Observer’s circulation currently stands at 6000 copies per issue, the copy sales are even much less.

On the right, Observer Managing Director, James Tumusiime, Co-founder and Shareholder

To many, this presents the great opportunity for both sides as Next Media positions itself ready to challenge Nation Media and Vision Groups while Observer gets to have new management to propel it to the next level.

However some owners at Observer have not welcomed the buy-out according to our snoops. “They fear a repeat of what happened when Nation Media Group acquired Monitor. They know even if they keep their jobs, it will be a matter of time before new management pushes them out. But they have no option, they either collapse or they sell.”

In the past, various companies have tried to acquire Observer. These have included William Pike, KTN and another media group based in South Africa. This could be another final try for Observer. According to our source who was part of the closed meeting, March 16th will be the day the signatures will be appended on the agreement. It will be a Friday, the public announcement will then be made on the following Monday.

NBS TV and the entire Next Media will then shift from Media Plaza to Tagore Crescent in a space of 5 months that have been specified as the transition phase. We must say, this could be the biggest announcement of 2018.


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Want to Lose Weight and Look Hotter? This Ugandan Girl Has A Plan

Mon, 01/01/2018 - 19:42

Deborah Nalule, who goes by the name of “Debz Debbie Nalule” is evidence that everything is possible. She’s become the personal testimony of body transformation. This lady has cracked a formula for perfect and healthy weight loss for over-weight and obese ladies. She went through the process herself, having been over-weight a few years back.

She started off at 89 kilograms. 5 months later after serious weight transformation, she’d cut her weight down to 60 kilograms. And now she looks massively hot and sexy, every dude is drooling over her. She was a student at Mt. St. Mary’s Namagunga and Uganda Martyrs SSS Namugongo before joining Makerere University.

She even promises that those who have had a C-section can still lose that pouch. She was a work-out formula for ladies to develop those awesome abs. But she says it doesn’t come easy. One has to work out and work extra harder. She will give you a customised meal plan and exercises all to be done in the comfort of your home.

Here’s all the evidence of this transformation. For those who need her help, Whatsapp: +256774441314.

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How KIU Slay Queen Falsely Accused MUK Dude of Rape?

Mon, 01/01/2018 - 11:38

Nateete Police is handling a complicated case in which a one Esther Karungi of Kampala International University (KIU) is accusing Jamiru Kivumbi (Makerere University) of Rape. According to Karungi’s version of the story, the two first met at a Sauna in Nateete (a kampala suburb) before Jamiru lured her to his home.

“I don’t know how he got my number, but he says he picked it from a WhatsApp Group that we shared. Afterwards he kept talking to me asking that we meet but I avoided him since I never meet strangers. That was around January 2017. We broke off communication. But I was surprised when in November, he once again re-initiated communications. I finally accepted to meet him in Nateete where he had gone for a Sauna session. Afterwards we got into his car, he first went and closed up his shop. Then he said he had gotten a call from his boss so I should escort him home and he changes his clothes then he can drop me off at my hostel in Kansanga. I agreed. When we reached his home, some rentals. I stayed in the car but he demanded that I at least wait for him in the living room. I stood my ground.

Then he entered the house, changed his clothes. But he came back transformed. He started shouting, claiming I had been eating his money. He pulled me out of the car. The neighbours just looked on. He forcefully dragged me inside the house, slapping me. In the process, he tore my dress. When we reached inside the house, he threatened to strangle me. He plugged his flat iron into the electrical socket and promised to burn me up. Now I knew things had gotten real serious. No one was coming to help. So I asked that let him stop beating me. We can make love in peace. That’s when he calmed down. I also requested that at least he uses condoms. He agreed to this saying he doesn’t trust girls of my tribe. That nyarus are hoes and are always infected with all tribes of STDs.

After he raped me. He gave me 20K then gave me a Bodaboda to drop me off at my place. I was very terrified. I immediately called up my parents. And next day we went and reported to police. The police doctor did the checks and confirmed that there was forceful penetration. This guy should be imprisoned for life. I am very sure he is one of those who has been targeting other university girls.”

That’s how Karungi’s version of the story reads. However, Kivumbi shares a very different version.

“I first met Esther Karungi at Casablanca. She was having Shisha with friends. I was also with my male friends. We joined them, bought them more drinks and afterwards bade them farewell for that night. On another Friday we met them at Casablanca once again. This time round they were even more friendly towards us. We kept dancing together. It seems Karungi was now attracted to me. She approached me and asked that I should drop her to her place.

I agreed. We reached her rental in Kansanga and I dropped her off. I even gave her some upkeep cash since she said she was broke. I went about with my business. She took my number and even added it to one of the WhatsApp party groups. In this group, girls and dudes decide on proggie for the day. It is one of the most popular groups among KIU students code-named; “KIU Slayers and Party Animals.” So one Thursday we met once again at Casablanca. She is a regular here, even the bouncers know her. She said today she was sleeping at my place. That’s how we actually started dating.

After dating. She told me, that she rarely slept with a man without an exchange of cash. So one day, she demanded that for her to sleep with me. I had to pay 100K. I told her, if it’s a problem of 100k she had, I would help her. But I don’t pay for sex. I told her to meet me in Nateete where I had gone for Sauna then we can go home to my place. That’s what happened. I forgot to tell you that after we started dating, she had become a common figure at my place, all my neighbours knew her as my girlfriend, even the Landlord.

When we reached home, she entered peacefully and we made love very well. The thing that brought trouble is when I checked my wallet and realised I only had 20K. She immediately lost her temper. I tried to explain that I was going to withdraw money the next day and send her the balance. She begun shouting, then said, stop playing with me. You must pay my money, you can’t use me for free. She slapped me. And threw one of my wall photos. I lost my cool and slapped her back. We didn’t fight for long. I over-powered her. And then got her to calm down and gave her a Bodaboda to her place. She went peacefully but said I will pay for this, that her uncle is the DPC of Rukungiri.

Next day, I withdrew the money and sent it to her. But she was not picking my calls. I did not know that she had already gone to her dad and cooked up a story of how I had raped her. The Dad who is also money hungry went to police and together came up with their own version of the story. They went tore the dress more to show that I had raped her. But this was not the first time I have slept with this girl. We have made love numerous times. She only turned around now when I did not give her the 100k as promised. Now they are even claiming I am part of the Entebbe gang that kills University students. Why did she accept to meet me at a Sauna if I was a stranger? Why did she accept to come to my home?”

CampusEye has investigated the story and it turns out, Karungi has numerously pulled off this stunt on her victims. They connive together with her father, and the Policemen to forcefully scare off the male victims. They even have media people on stand-by to record everything that is happening during the arrest so as to really make it seem serious. We can confirm from neighbours of Kivumbi in Nateete that the two have been lovers.

We also confirmed from bouncers and waitresses at Casablanca that Karungi is a famous party-animal, she is the queen of Shisha and always leaves with a different guy every night she comes. “We always see her with a different guy, dressed as seductively as always and ready to prey on the man’s wallet. It is laughable for her father to say that his daughter is always at hostel and at campus. He is a total fool,” says Mike one of the bouncers. For us we even used to think she was a hoe, we are surprised she is a student. Miracles really happen.”

We share the video of the house search here:


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10 Most Popular Beers and Spirits Among Ugandan Campus Students

Sat, 12/30/2017 - 21:51

The festive season has been on, and the bars have been wide open. But have you ever thought about those alcoholic drinks that almost every Ugandan campuser loves with a passion. We asked a number of campus students and surveyed various hangouts frequented by University students. Here’s what we found out.

  1. Uganda Waragi Coconut

Nothing is trending among Ugandan University chaps like this great spirit. Uganda Waragi Coconut has become the craze. To many campusers, Coconut aka Coco was the death of Bondo. And the Go Loco for Coco made it even madder, now, if one is now taking a UG coconut, then they are getting late to the party. You are either for Coco or you don’t exist. And Coco launched the cocktail thingie in Uganda.

2. Club Beer

This is one beer brand that will always be on every table in a bar. Some think it’s because of its blue colours, but the way campusers, dudes and dudettes be ordering for Club beer is out of this world. Nonetheless, they say it’s very smooth on the tongue. Not forgetting the killer slogans of Club Beer.

3. Tusker Lite

This one is for those campusers that actually feel like graduating to the corporate class, or grabbing a drink among the executive classes. It’s light as its name, low alcoholic content. It’s the ultimate drink for those who are not hard drinkers.

4. SmirnOff

If you ever take a campuser, especially a UCU chick out and she doesn’t ask for a Smirnoff, be sure something is wrong. Everyone will kill for this vodka, from MUBS to UCU. No doubt, this is the drink for those who fear the bitter taste of beer.

5. Heineken

Although pretty expensive for the average broke campuser, those who are lost for choice yet want to stand out will always be found ordering for a Heineken. Go to Legends Bar or even the famous Max Lounge, and campusers will be downing their Heineken.

6. Nile Special

Mostly the drink of choice for the Kikoni boys. They made marriage vows with Nile Special. No matter what, a Kikoni dude will always ask for a Nile Special. In every Baala they visit, they order for a Nile.

7. Guinness

The only stout without an actual competitor. To others, it’s the only beer you are certain won’t give you that buzzing headache early in the morning. It’s the drink of choice for the dudes who work while studying. Guinness is that drink they spend their coins on.

8. Eagle Lager

Ugandan campusers actually love to fly. And fly they do. What better way to soar than with an Eagle, cheap but also worth it. In Mbarara, In Kabale, even in Banda areas, campusers are betting on Eagle for their perfect evenings.

9. Leading Waragi

Although many won’t admit this, but on every one of their house parties, in their bufundas, campusers are spending on this hard liquor. It’s all about getting high, so they want to get that leading spirit.

10.Nile Gold

This one takes the final spot of preferred drinks. Again, it’s the ladies who keep running for this, the slay queens who don’t want to be seen with the other big beer bottles.

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Advice to a Fresh Ugandan Graduate: 10 Things One Needs To Know

Thu, 11/23/2017 - 15:26

Anne Whitehead, a Communications and Public Relations Pro in Uganda opened up a thread on her twitter account where she asked her followers: “If you were graduating from University in Uganda today, what kind of advice do you wish someone would give you?”

We curate some of the great pieces of advice that came through the thread:

Tom Ddumba: “Develop a saving culture and avoid slaying, it doesn’t pay in the long run. Actually to be precise, save 30% of whatever you earn. It is hard, but if every month you realize that 30% your earnings is not your money, you will at least have your full salary in three months. Just like a country must have enough forex to cover imports, one should have at least 3 months’ salary savings cover.”

Derrick Odur: “Buy a pair of bata shoes my dia, they are durable with a thick sole.”

Amia Pamela: “That l should be prepared to get a job outside my profession.”

Gerard Iga: “Once you walk out of those university gates, you enter the classroom of life, the school of hard knocks. It’s time to either prove the paper your university gave you right (if you passed highly) or wrong (if your grades were not convincing).”

Brian Ahereza: “How to become an Entrepreneur that’s All and not to undermine any Job.”

Sourced: “This is when the real hard work starts. Keep your mind open and never stop growing your friends and acquaintances.”

Sheillah Abaho: “How to save the little you get and make use of it in the future.”

Eve Ashley: “Hustle till expensive becomes cheap.”

Omar Mugabo: “To go out there and claim your place. The University paper is just the minimum of the needed requirements to do so.”

Bin Oshabe: “Just work on discovering as many things as possible…. Make right friends and don’t throw all your eggs in one basket.. You can look for a job as you run a chapati stall…”

Innocent Bamurike: “Read more (and widely) like your life depended on it.”

Tim: “You are an intelligent life form living on a tiny rock somewhere in the galaxy after billions of years of evolution. The fact that you have wasted 20+ years of your life to create a good CV for another life form to judge and get hired undermines your effort and birth as a human.”

That Acholi: “These people don’t care about your degree. Go ahead and become more than what the university made you so they won’t ignore you anymore.”

Faith Mulungi: “Graduation is the beginning of your solo hustle. Everyone’s path is different. It may not work out at first but keep perfecting your skill. Make as many social connections from those come open doors.”

Kahill Kuteesa: “’It’s not the degree, but the skills you have accumulated.’ Or ‘Your degree paper is going to rot in your parents’ drawers’

Shaviraking: “Thinking should become your capital asset, no matter whatever ups and downs you come across in your life.”

Carol Omugave: “The grass is NOT always greener on the other side of the fence.”

Ian Ortega: “The only advice I would give to a graduate is “be patient in the longterm and impatient on the short-term.” What every fresh graduate has is time, learn, invest in things that compound e.g social capital, skills. Mix Ambition with Patience.”


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Sami Hostel, Makerere On Sale; Bryan White Puts In Bid

Tue, 11/21/2017 - 22:28

The famous Sami Hostel of Makerere University is on sale. The owners of Sami Hostel have decided to sell this hostel that’s seated on 52 decimal. In their estimation, it fetches a monthly income of 18.6m Ugx and thus the asking price is 2.4billion Ugx (about 657,534$).

We are reliably informed that the owners were heavily indebted. Upcoming Kampala Don, Bryan White is one of those who has placed in his bid. He wants to buy the hostel and re-brand it to “Bryan White Apartments.” His offer is currently being discussed.

It is at Sami Hostel where the holiest of ladies and gents reside. Since it’s located next to LDC, you are bound to find many guys and ladies struggling with their retakes from LDC. We hope Bryan White buys them out.

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Makerere University Student Wins MTN Marathon Race

Tue, 11/21/2017 - 22:04

Makerere University continues to steal the spotlight from its biggest challenger, Kyambogo University. At the recently concluded MTN Marathon, MAK aka MUK once again proved that they are the true elephants of athletics.

Kevin Mubiru, a student of Computer Engineering at Makerere University emerged winner in the Wheelchair race. Mubiru was born disabled (with no legs) yet this did not stop him from triumphing. Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe could not hide his excitement and went on to congratulate Mubiru for the victory that he earned his University.

Mubiru walked away with a cash prize of UGX 500,000 only. Makerere University has promised to reward him with an even bigger prize..

Cheers to Mubiru, against all odds…

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5 Reasons Madonna Is Uganda’s Best Hostel

Mon, 11/20/2017 - 21:54

It’s been long since the Campus Eye got roving. Nonetheless, it’s back, bigger and better. And because we’ve been away, campus life has been boring. But we are back to spice it up. But hey, have you heard of Madonna Hostel? That one hostel hidden in Kyambogo.

Now, we have 5 reasons why this is the best campus hostel in Uganda.

  1. It brings together MUBS and Kyambogo

The bond between Kyambogo University and MUBS is growing stronger everyday. If you need evidence, you just have to look out for the Madonna shuttle that is always parked at the MUBS grounds. Madonna is so popular that girls are willing to take that 10 minute journey everyday from MUBS to Kyambogo just for the joy of being a Madonna resident. And for the dudes, this means variety. You get to taste the best of both worlds. The hottest babes in KYU and MUBS live in Madonna.

2. The Name Is So Cool

Like think about it, the name speaks for itself. It gives one the gas to talk about Madonna. If someone asks what’s your hostel, you are not ashamed to say; “Madonna.” Not like those fake hostel names simony Akamwesi, simony Kiwamirembe. Like those sound like some village in Masaka.

3. It has the best Hostel Parties

Okay they had asked us not to spill the secrets. But hey, if you want the best campus parties, they all happen at Madonna hostel. If you want those house parties that will make you miss you campus days, it’s all at Madonna. Great music, great everything.

4. Madonna is Close to Top Hangouts

You don’t have to have a car to hang out while living at Madonna. All you have to do is take a walk and in no time you will be at Liquid Silk Naalya or the famous Max Lounge. That’s how it’s all easy. And it’s very very safe. So think about it, who wouldn’t want to live next to such spots such as Liquid Silk, Max Lounge or Nexus?

5. It’s Actually Very Private

You know what we mean, it’s the closest one can come to living in an apartment. It’s a very relaxing hostel, with a serene environment. You get to relax and taste the good life. So hey, Madonna is the thing.

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Beer Olympics: Kyambogo Defeats Makerere University in First Season Game

Fri, 10/27/2017 - 12:24

Kyambogo University humiliated Makerere University in the opening games of the Beer Olympics organized by Black Bell. Black Bell is a new flagship brand of Uganda Breweries Limited and aims at tapping into the young person’s zeal to dare to be different.

With a new tag line; “Forget Normal”, campusers were thrilled by the fun at Game Club, former Steak House. For UGX 10,000, one would get oneself three bottles of Black Bell. The games included Beer Pong, Beer Checkers and the Shooters Challenge.

Kyambogo University earned 10 points after defeating Makerere in the Beer Pong and Checkers. Makerere was able to console itself with 5 points after winning the Shooters’ Challenge. This means that Kyambogo University is currently topping the league tables.

The next game is slated to happen at Pool Nest where Kyambogo University will face off with KIU. The Beer Olympics League is being played amongst 5 top Ugandan Universities; Makerere, Kyambogo, UCU, KIU and MUBS.



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Castle Lite Brings You The Biggest Halloween Festival This Weekend

Wed, 10/25/2017 - 12:25

Every year Talent Africa’s halloween parties grow bigger and bigger this year they have decided to make it a Halloween festival with 2 stages and more than 14 acts dubbed the Halloween SpookFest.

On October 28th, together with the main sponsor Castle Lite, they will unlock the Halloween Spook Fest taking place at the Design Hub in Kampala, Uganda. Come party at a haunted warehouse of horrors including 2 stages called the The GraveYard Stage and The Spider stage. Each stage featuring a unique decor, theme and set up.

The event will feature a special guest performance from Ketchup (Nigeria) and a heavy line up of international and local deejays including A.G (UK) Spooky J (UK) Umojah (Holland) RPM and BK, Kampire, Dark Meme, Dj Aludah, Dj Rocky, Dj Xyzl, Dj Dash and Live percussions by Niholixa.

Early crow (aka early bird) tickets are going for only 20k before October 27th.

Tickets at the entrance will cost only 30k.

The Halloween Spook Fest is powered by Talent Africa Group, Boutiq Electroniq, RadioCity 97fm and Castle Lite.



Talent Africa is the leading 360 entertainment company in East Africa. Firmly at the forefront of the booming entertainment sector in this region, Talent operates within a multi-platform, multi-purpose 360 scope of services that includes a talent management, booking agency, events management, promotion, record label, audio production, video production, public relations and advertising. Talent Africa operates all over Africa but their corporate headquarters are located in Kampala, Uganda. Visit their website for more information

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Photos: What You Missed At The MUBS Freshers Ball, Slayers Edition?

Mon, 10/16/2017 - 20:41

MUBS has earned itself the name of Uganda’s source of curvy babes. It is easier for a dude to get a girlfriend at MUBS than get a retake at MUK. On Friday the 13th, one of those feared days, MUBS decided to welcome their freshers with a bang. This years Freshers Ball ran under a Slayers Edition theme. All this went down at the MUBS grounds.

One of the things the babe forgot home was their shy factor. When called upon to the stage to dance and earn themselves a 50K note, they all jumped in a mad frenzy to the stage. And dude, they never disappointed. Uganda’s Queen Sheebah did what she does best, she thrilled, and she set the mood for the one night stands for that day. Every girl was seen screaming for a John Rambo, the man who could buy them a rolex for the night.

Described by some as Africa’s best DJ, the self-taught master, DJ Shiru was behind the decks. We also had upcoming artiste Nina Roz. Ykee Bendah also made sure not to miss out. He’s enjoying his moment as one of the campusers’ favourite artistes.


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Exclusive: Uganda Martyrs University In Fake Degrees Scandal

Thu, 10/05/2017 - 21:12

By Raymond Mushabe

In January this year 2017, I filed a complaint with the Executive Director National Council for Higher Education against Uganda Martyrs University Nyamitanga Campus for awarding fake Transcripts to graduates of Uganda Martyrs University Nyamitanga Campus -Mbarara. In April 2017, Uganda martyrs University recalled all the irregularly awarded transcripts to graduates of Nyamitanga Campus with a promise to re issue authentic transcripts.

It is saddening to learn that yet again, Uganda Martyrs University has for the third time reissued fake transcripts to graduates of Uganda Martyrs University Nyamitanga campus, the same students whose transcripts it had recalled in April this year. I made a physical visit to National Council for Higher Education and a search in their records indicated that Uganda Martyrs University Nyamitanga Campus was neither an accredited campus of Uganda Martyrs University, nor an accredited institution of higher learning.

Shockingly, National Council for Higher Education does not have any single record relating to the existence of Uganda Martyrs University Nyamitanga Campus. It baffles my mind that The highly studied and very religious Vice Chancellor of Uganda Martyrs University has insisted on Indicating the name of Nyamitanga campus that is non existent, non accredited and not recognised by National Council for Higher Education as an institution of higher learning on the transcripts of graduates of Uganda Martyrs University Nyamitanga Campus!

Today, I begin the process of petitioning the Ministry of Education and the Ugandan Parliament against National Council for Higher Education for allowing this madness to continue occurring under their watch, and against Uganda Martyrs University for carelessly risking the education career of students at Nyamitanga Campus. I call Upon all students of good conscience, of Uganda martyrs University Nyamitanga Campus, public opinion leaders, civil society organisations, all media houses and parents who pay high fees at Uganda martyrs University Nyamitanga Campus to join me in safeguarding the Education career of Ugandan Citizens!. ENOUGH OF THIS MADNESS AND DOUBLE STANDARDS!!!

Editor’s Note: Mushabe is the former Guild President of the Nyamitanga Campus

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While Slay Queens Look For Sponsors, Jovi Pearl, a Kampala Slayer Works At Construction Sites

Thu, 10/05/2017 - 20:51

In times when most Kampala slay queens are busy looking for sponsors or plying trades as escorts, one girl is choosing to be different. Meet Jovi Pearl, a Facebook slay queen who works at construction sites. She is our inspirational figure of the month.

Pearl studied at St. Kizito Technical College in Kitovu, Masaka. It is here that she gained knowledge as a construction engineer, and a budding architect. Born on August 3rd 1994, Pearl is truly a pearl among her peers. She is motivated by the desire to make her own money and not having to depend on any man for a living.

We landed at her on a construction site, standing on a platform laying up the bricks. She’s our feminist of the year. Forget the Twitter feminists whose feminism ends on keyboards.

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Uganda’s Swim Suit Princess, Hildah Hunter Slays Once Again

Thu, 10/05/2017 - 20:16

It is high time the whole country accepted that you can’t mention swimsuits or bikinis and not mention Hildah Lindah Hunter.

Because she always nails it. We are soon running out of titles for her because she has claimed all. 

Last weekend at Sky Beach Lounge at Freedom city, Hildah decided to show off a number of swimsuit couplings. The MUBS alumni is really making her University proud. We captured the scenes


Remember to subscribe to Hildah Lindah’s Youtube Channel. 

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The Reality of a Ugandan University Graduate

Wed, 10/04/2017 - 12:02

By Acramist

Last week, I met two old friends. One is an engineer and the other an accountant. We all graduated around the same year. Luckily, they were immediately hired by reputable companies based in Kampala. They wore fancy suits, had expensive phones and from Facebook images, they seemed to be doing very well. Naturally, I assumed they were swimming in money.

After the pleasantries, we had an honest conversation. I was shocked to learn that both were earning a gross salary of Ush 900,000, psychologically abused by their bosses and overworked. How is that even possible?
When you graduate top in your class and get hired by a renowned company everyone assumes you are making lots of money hence place high expectations on you, worst of all if you pursued a prestigious course. What they don’t know is behind that fancy degree, nice suit and swanky office is a tortured soul battling depression while trying to reconcile perceived social standing and an empty bank account.


My alma mater just like any other public university has two major divisions. The government-sponsored students who feel are smarter than the self-sponsored who in turn think of their counterparts as poor and conservative. The other division is between those taking courses like medicine, law, pharmacy and engineering, and the guys pursuing BA, education or business-related courses


Reality kicks in after 2 years when we are all required to go for industrial attachment. I spent two weeks visiting countless government offices and business consultancy firms across the city. It was all the same story.
“Drop your CV at the secretary’s desk, we will call you soonest a vacancy is available.”
None of them ever called, I suspect they tossed my papers into the trash can the moment I stepped out. Exhausted, I landed in an IT corporation located at the media plaza. Unable to sway me with promises, they brought in an extra desk and a letter directing that I start my internship the following Monday. Soon after, I got another internship spot at the Division planning department.

Most  firms don’t pay interns. Some actually demand that you pay them some amount for equipping you with hands-on skills. I was so happy that I would walk in town with the intern’s badge hanging from my neck.
The two workplaces were completely different. My supervisor at the county offices was a shrewd chap. He would get to the office before official opening ours then leave at midday to check on his businesses. Since drawings for any infrastructural project must go through the department for approval before construction begins, there is rampant corruption as developers seek to hasten the process. He taught me how to survive in this industry and sometimes charge outrageous amounts for simple stuff.

The corporation had a more structured environment with all kinds of professionals ranging from accountants to architects. There were about ten engineers in my department. They were all brilliant and highly qualified. One time I chanced upon their pay slips. Boy, I was terribly disappointed.


First, their salaries weren’t competitive or anywhere close to what you imagine engineers make despite working for years. Secondly, although out there the society placed them on a pedestal they were struggling to maintain this image on a tight budget. Car loans and mortgage took a substantial amount of their monthly earnings. To make it worse, all the biggest contracts have been taken by the Chinese hence fewer projects available. We would spend most afternoons on Facebook or engage in endless political debates.

As an intern, my main duties involved rushing to the supermarket over lunch time to get the freshest samosas, sausages, and bread. I was also sent on all money-related errands. My superiors were convinced that all Bagandas are thieves. I guess they were applying the adage, set a thief to catch a thief.


I met one interesting plumber during a site visit. He would undertake at least five projects a month each earning him 2M – 4M in profit. That’s a cool 20-million shilling for someone with little basic education yet a university graduate would have to work for almost 5years to make half of that. Something didn’t feel right.


When we resumed our studies at the university, professors were more truthful about what awaited us out there. One lecturer after another expressed their regrets for choosing some of their educational careers. A highly-acclaimed transportation professor revealed how he regrets having studied  to PhD level, which meant there were fewer job opportunities for him. His peers who went into business after their first degree were minting millions and doing so much better than him in all other spheres of life while he was struggling to make ends meet. To add salt to the injury, the Bachelor of Arts guys he used to look down upon were now his bosses, earning more than he does and rubbing it in his face. Certain I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life lamenting about how unfair life is like my professors


Being a country that places a high value on education, lots of parents push their kids to ostensibly esteemed careers thinking they will change family fortunes upon graduation. Many other young people get into careers with unrealistic expectations on remuneration. This is intensified by the fact that those already in the field don’t truthfully reveal to the young fellas what awaits them so as to protect the respect accorded to them by society.
Having interned in more than two different companies in the city where I interacted with the Kampala middle class citizens on a daily basis, I came to abhor the kind of lives they lead. Nothing scares me like the idea of being sucked into the middle class vortex, lose my zeal for achieving greatness and getting into a comfort zone should I take the job.

You have probably heard the news about Uganda being categorized as a middle-income country and how Ugandans consumerism spearheaded by the middle class influences the economy. For your edification (according to UNBS)the middle class consists of households which spend Ush 1M- 5M per month. The rich class comprises of those who spend more than Ush 10M a month.


This is my story.

To fully understand the nightmare of ending up a rich class wannabe a.k.a middle class,my life would play as follows.
Graduate with a 2 class upper and get a job in one of the already established companies in the city thanks to my parent’s connections. Having saved some money three months into the job I decide to take a soft loan to supplement the savings in order to move out of the nest. My choice of new digs would be influenced by what my acquaintances consider cool. High chances are that I would end up in an overpriced apartment in Nalya instead of a decent house in a less envious part of the city where one gets true value for their money.


A huge chunk of the loan would be spent on furniture, home electronics and to throw a house warming party.
Keen to maintain an image, taxis would become my preferred choice of transport until the application I made for a car loan goes through. The next step would be to acquire a noisy Subaru or a serious Toyota like Mark X. The operating costs of the latter car model can be quite grueling for someone depending on a fixed income. As soon as the word goes round that I have some new wheels the few opportunistic ladies I know from my nascent years would magically regain interest “ Hey Acram ! Haven’t seen you in a while…Can we hook up this Friday? ”
As a man, the last thing I want is to turn down a pretty lady so I would agree to meet her at some elegant joint on the outskirts of the city with the aim of impressing her.

On Friday, the said lady makes an entrance with two friends in tow. They go ahead and order pricey liquor with names I’ve never heard before while I squirm in my seat. Nonetheless, we spend the next few hours partying like it’s the end of the world reminiscing the great times we had back in campus. At around 4 am the lass asks me to take her back home which is on the other side of town. Upon reaching her place she gives me a peck on the cheek before scampering upstairs bashing all hopes I had about getting lucky that night.

The next morning I nurse a nasty over night fatigue exacerbated by the thought of having wasted all the money I had planned to invest in the stock market the previous night. There is always next time, I console my troubled soul. Since I don’t have many responsibilities partying all weekend long becomes permanently ingrained in my schedule. No cool party within the city center or bugolobi ever goes down without my presence.

Five years later I’m approaching 30. My mother’s incessant demands for me to settle down finally get to me. After goggling on the best way to propose, I settle on an idea then borrow some money from my buddy Bright to finance it. My girlfriend Joan and I head to queen Elizabeth during the wildebeest migration. While on a hot-air balloon ride I go down on my knee and pop the question. “ Will you marry me?” Of course she says yes. Who in their right mind turns down an amazingly romantic guy like me?(hehe) I ensure every bit of the charade is photographed so that I can later publish the pictures on this blog to arouse envy especially among the ladies who rejected me…hehe.
This stirs a buzz on social media as young Ugandan ladies call on their men to emulate me while the guys try their best to criticize the whole thing. A few months later I round up 2 dozens of friends and relatives then extract a substantial contribution from them to go towards bankrolling my wedding. The wedding has to be glamorous. Something so grand that everyone will talk about it for days without a care of the kind of damage that would do to my finances.

As years progress I sire two beautiful kids. I decide to take a loan to pursue an MBA. A smart move since upon graduating my employer promotes me to middle level management. Now that the pay is better, I move into a bigger apartment and take yet another loan to buy a bigger ride befitting a man of my stature. The changes don’t stop there. Soon enough I switch joints where I shop, eat and drink for fancier ones. I also transfer my kids to private schools whose annual tuition fee is more than the price of a quarter acre plot along Gayaza Road.


The changes put so much pressure on me that I have to take an advance salary almost every month in order to stay afloat.
Life is still good thanks to my employer who occasionally sponsors me for trips abroad where I acquire a phony accent after a 2 weeks stay. Back in the city I make a point of attending events like Blankets & Wine with my beautiful wife. During Easter and Christmas holidays I take my young family to mombasa. All these trips are closely followed by countless pictures uploaded on Instagram for the world to see. As for spiritual growth, my family only worships at home and maybe once in a while on idd at the supreme mosque,we only listen to the prosperity gospel after all who wants to hear about hell? When it comes to gadgets, I would sale a kidney if I have to in order to acquire every new version of the iPhone. It’s official, I’m in the middle class bubble.

One day I wake up only to realize my potbelly has grown so huge that I can no longer see my junk down there thanks to a decade of leading an unhealthy lifestyle. It also hits me, I ought to plan for retirement and how to put my kids through college. With all the money I borrowed in my youth to support my fancy lifestyle the future looks grim. I’m left with no choice but to take a mortgage since a man of my age ought to own a house. I start a small business on the side to help me dig myself out of debt. The business goes under in less than a year.

As if aware of my desperate situation the boss puts me on a short leash, threatening to take action should I fail to give in to her unreasonable demands. Fully cognizant of the fact that without the job and incentives it offers my family would sink to abject poverty. I work even harder, wake up at 5:30am every weekday, maneuver through heavy traffic to work, skip lunch then pass through the local bar on my way home(yes i have started drinking). I virtually turn into a robot. Same people, same schedule every single day. Afraid of losing money I only make safe investments which are often less profitable.

Midlife crisis strikes. Career stagnation turns me into a constant grumbler. I find faulty in everything from the country’s governance to my wife’s cooking. I mistreat anyone whom I think is beneath me. It depresses me further to see former classmates’ lead better lives. This resentment grows bigger every single day. I keep wishing I had pursued my dreams when I had a chance instead of choosing the safest option. Sometimes I even contemplate suicide.
To stir some excitement, I go after young impressionable campus girls. The pretty young things laugh at my dry jokes making me feel all young again thanks to my generosity. Tired of my philandering ways and neglect , my wife goes back to her parents home. Our differences grow exponential to the point we amicably decide to divorce. She takes away my kids.Loneliness and depression leads me to seek solace in the bottle (yes am still a moslem).

One morning after binge drinking I drive into a stationary truck. As life drains out of my mangled body, my whole life flashes before my eyes. Who will take care of my kids? What will I be remembered for? Would things have turned differently had I pursued my passion? Having not lived my life to the fullest, my demise doesn’t even stir a buzz on twitter. Instead of leaving my kids a fortune I leave them with endless debts. They grow up without a father figure and soon enough forget my existence.

Fellow Young Ugandan youths, when did living an average life become so enticing? The only way one can amass real wealth is by applying the law of delayed gratification; planning for the future, cutting on expenses, saving and investing. Taking endless loans to maintain an image is bound to result in dire financial consequences in the future.
It’s time someone said it, average living (read middle-class) is not good enough!

The question still remains is University Education really worth the Expectaions ?


My Friend Esther says “some of our expectations are met you maximize your expectations is up to u”

Credit: Acramist Blog

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