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Why Kisekka market redevelopment has stalled

The Monitor - Mon, 12/31/2018 - 18:11
Vendors had requested that the market be demolished in phases because they did not have another place to relocate but their plea was allegedly rejected by Mr Kasoro

UNAA online accounts hacked, new leader announced

The Monitor - Thu, 02/22/2018 - 23:15
Also hacked is the Associations twitter account that has already announced Daniel Kawuma as new the president

‘Kirumira Is Calm In the Absence of Cameras’ – Kayima Explains Media Blockade

Chimpreports - Thu, 02/22/2018 - 19:57

Police have come out dispel reports that journalists were assaulted by police officers while trying to make their way into the Police Tribunal at Naguru Police Headquarters, where former Buyende DPC Muhamad Kirumira was to appear for hearing of his case.

There was fracas as policemen barred reporters from entering. Officers were pictures chasing after reporters and grabbing some of them, and later two reporters claimed they were physically assaulted by the officers.

Police spokesperson Emilian Kayima, who just arrived from a foreign trip, later on Thursday evening, came out to dismiss these reports, quoting officers of the Police court.

“I have spoken to the chairman of the Police Disciplinary Court and he confirmed to me that as far as he is concerned, no journalist was assaulted,” he said.

The Police spokesman say reporters were barred from attending the court session in order to manage the tempers of Mr Kirumira, which he said ted to flare in the presence of media cameras.

“It was a measure to control tempers. And surely, without the cameras, he is reported to have behaved well,” Kayima said.

Kirumira, who has been in police custody since the start of the month, was today at last granted bail by the disciplinary court.

Meanwhile, Kayima advised reporters alleging assault to record statements at the Jinja Road Police Station.

EAC Summit: Uhuru Calls for Removal of Bureaucracy to Attract Investors

Chimpreports - Thu, 02/22/2018 - 19:32

President Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya has called upon East African Heads of States to consider doing away with a number of impediments and bureaucracy that might scare off investors in the region.

Uhuru made the call while addressing delegates during the 19th EAC Heads of State Summit and Joint retreat at Common Wealth Resort Munyonyo.

Uhuru said he is a strong believer in the Public Private Partnership (PPP) model of financing development infrastructure and thus associated himself with the resolutions taken at the summit.

Uhuru however advised that if projects are to run faster in the region, different member States must consider doing away with bureaucratic measures that tend to delay investments.

“We frustrate investors by the many bureaucratic tendencies that tend to scare off a number of them; we need to do much in order to attract more investors by as well removing several impediment to trade,” Uhuru said.

The Kenyan leader also highlighted the need to market East Africa as a destination of 160 million people to attract the investment needed in infrastructure and health.

Breaking: Heavy Gunfire as ADF Rebels Attack DRC Army

Chimpreports - Thu, 02/22/2018 - 19:18

Heavy fighting has Thursday evening broken out between Congolese forces and rebel Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) in North Kivu, DRC.

Officials say the gun battle is raging in Mbau, North of Beni.

It all started with the killing of ADF’s Chief of Combat Operations Mohammed Kayira on Monday by Congolese forces.

Kayira’s death, according to Uganda Defence Spokesperson Brig Richard Karemire, was a “big blow” to the rebel outfit.

Now it appears the ADF reorganized and mobilized forces to launch a fresh onslaught on the Congolese army’s positions.

With support from regional forces, the Congolese soldiers have today managed to fight back, inflicting heavy casualties to ADF.

ChimpReports has obtained pictures of a female ADF combatant killed in combat action today evening.

Another picture showed a motorcycle burnt during the heavy gunfire exchanged by both camps.

The Congolese army has in recent weeks registered considerable gains in the war against ADF – an Islamic fundamentalist movement that had remained a regional security threat.

More details will be posted as events unfold.


Population of Uganda ‘Big Cats’ Declining – Minister

Chimpreports - Thu, 02/22/2018 - 18:42

As Uganda is set to celebrate the 2018 UN world Wildlife day, it has been revealed that the life of the ‘big cats’ in the country is declining.

The five large big cats in Uganda include; Lion, Leopard, Spotted Hyena, Cheetah and the African Wild dog.

The Minister of Toursim, Wildlife and Antiquities Prof Ephraim Kamuntu told journalists at the Media Centre the bad news:

“The population of big cats has been declining.”

Estimations that have been made by the Ministry have it that the lion population has declined from over 1000 to 420 across the country.

The Minister explained: “This has largely been due to human prosecution through poisoning and related retaliatory killings. The root cause is attributed to the growing human population, settlements adjacent to wildlife conservation areas, competition for land and habitant loss resulting in livestock predation and other conflicts.”

He revealed that the big cats could easily become extinct, adding that this, would not only deprive the country of its iconic natural assets but also impact on tourism development in Uganda.

Tourism in Uganda is the leading foreign exchange earner, with contribution to GDP standing at Ushs7.27 trillion (9.0% of GDP). The tourism sector also provides over 1 million jobs in Uganda.

It should be noted that Lions only come second to Mountain Gorillas as the most sought after species by tourists who come to Uganda.

With most of Ugandan societies having some cultural attachments to these big cats, the Minister confirmed that they are to do everything in their means to conserve them:

“As NRM Government, we are doing all within our means to improvethe conservation status of Big Cats through Policy and legislation reforms, strengthening law enforcement capacity, increasing partnership with local people by sharing revenue and involving them in decision making, mitigating human wildlife conflicts and many others.”

Omala annyonnyodde lwaki yeeyimiridde Kirumira

Bukedde TV - Thu, 02/22/2018 - 17:55

Afande Omala eyeesowoddeyo okweyimirira Kirumira ategeezezza kkooti nga bw'agenda okufuba okulaba nga Kirumira agoberera obukwaKkulizo bwonna obumuwEereddwa. Agambye nti abadde tasobola kulekerera Kirumira...

Government Targets over Shs50 Billion from Gaming Sector

Chimpreports - Thu, 02/22/2018 - 17:27

The Uganda National Gaming Board, a body that was set up by government to oversee gaming activities in the country, has revealed that they are targeting over 50 billion shillings in form of taxes by 2020.

In the concluded financial year, over 35 billion Uganda shillings were collected countrywide.

This amount was collected in form of taxes from the gaming sector.

Speaking at on Wednesday morning at Uganda Media Centre in Kampala, the body’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Edgar Agaba noted:

“We collected approximately 37 billion shillings in the financial year 2016-2017 in form of taxes and our target is to collect over 40 billion this year.

“If certain measures are put in place by the Central Monitoring system, by 2020, we should be collecting over 50 billion.”

He urged the sector to pay their taxes promptly so as their work run smoothly as expected.

Agaba added: “It’s us who collect this money and we take all of it to Uganda Revenue Authority.”

He also requested the Ministry of Finance to provide them with operation funds to fulfill their workloads which sees them monitor about 1200 gaming shops across the country.

National Gaming Board performance highlights in 2017

The body had 40 companies licensed.

A total number of 182 illegal and non-compliant branches were closed.

25 illegal online companies’ operations were stopped and over 2500 illegal machines impounded and destroyed.

Expectations for this Year 2018

It was revealed that online and local content regulations drafted to be operationalised by end of March this year.

Illegal slot machines are going to be impounded.

An international company is going to be hired that will test the machines.

On this year’s plans, Agaba explained:

“We are in initial stages but we are trying to move a bit faster because in the future, we want to professionalise this industry. We also want to work with the National Council for Higher education to ensure that all the workers in the gaming sector conform to the standards.”

It should be noted that the National Gaming Board Uganda under section 4 of the Lotteries and Gaming Act, 2016 is mandated to issue licenses for Lotteries, Casinos, Gaming and Betting in Uganda. The mandate includes licensing, supervision, enforcement and dispute resolution.

EXCLUSIVE: Dr Atwine Hardline Stance Triggers Tremor at Health Ministry, Cancer Institute

Chimpreports - Thu, 02/22/2018 - 17:20

The Permanent Secretary at the Health Ministry Dr Diana Atwine has broken silence on claims she intends to sack the Executive Director Uganda Cancer Institute (UCI), Dr Jackson Orem.

“I am not aware of any actual or impending sacking of Dr Orem,” said Dr Atwine.

The development comes against the backdrop of growing uncertainty at the Health Ministry with senior officials expressing fear of their jobs.

Reports indicated that Orem was a victim of an old dispute between Uganda Cancer Institute and National Medical Stores, where NMS has been supplying fake drugs at inflated prices to UCI – an issue Dr Orem has fought vigorously, both by frequently rejecting these fake drugs and appealing to the Prime Minister and the parliamentary sub-committee on Health Services.

The reports further showed the Director of National Medical Stores (NMS) Mr Moses Kamabare could be working through Health Minister Dr Ruth Aceng and Dr Atwine to get rid of Dr Orem so that the “fake yet overpriced drugs continue to be dumped at the UCI.”

It’s also reported the Minister and PS used their position to influence the procurement of a sub-standard Linear Accelerator machine by UCI against the wishes of Dr Orem, hence the decision to sack him in favor of his deputy who is deemed “cooperative.”

Uganda Cancer Institute (UCI) Executive Director, Dr. Jackson Orem

Speaking to ChimpReports from South Africa where she is attending a high-level meeting, Atwine scoffed at the reported plans to axe Dr Orem,” saying, “The Doctor is at his duty station conducting is business as usual.”

We asked Atwine to speak out on reports of influence peddling in the procurement of the Linear Accelerator Cancer machine as UCI is a distinct Procurement and Disposal Entity (PDE) – having been granted autonomy by law.

Atwine denied rumours of traveling to Israel with the Minister to meet officials of the company involved in the bidding.

She said whoever is desirous of challenging the procurement process can make recourse to the PPDA Tribunal or courts of law for review to establish the truth.

Officials at the Health Ministry attribute the reports to Cancer institute staff who are aggrieved for having been investigated on her orders for alleged impropriety.

Old Score?

We have since established there was an earlier investigation vide Wandegeya CRB 700/2012 against several high-ranking officials at the Cancer Institute charged with embezzlement of Shs 200m meant for office imprest that was initiated during her time as head of the Health Monitoring Unit and the file stalled at the office of DPP.

Atwine sent a team of engineers who unearthed a scheme of inflating the cost of construction of the new bunker at the Cancer Institute by over Shs 400m, saving taxpayers’ money.

“We think the conduct by public officials of maligning the character of Dr. Atwine and the Minister in the public domain is simply based on their hardened stance on corruption,” said an official, who preferred anonymity so as to speak freely.

“Because they are well re-known officials with a high social profile whose public image is essential to the performance of their duties, these systematic attacks form part of a sinister agenda to derail their clean-up efforts.”

Dr Atwine seems unfazed though; in what officials say is a big effort to weed out corruption in the Ministry and anticipates more of these attacks to continue.

The former Director in the Health Monitoring Unit tasked with fighting impunity in the health sector has since won President Museveni’s praise for taking tough stances on corruption.

But her hardliner stance has attracted anger from other quarters and compelled some officials to either resign or seek transfers to other Ministries.


The recent one was Dr Anthony Mbonye’s resignation following the institution of an investigation by the office of the IGG on grounds of unlawful usurpation of the office of the Director General Health Services without following established procedure.

Dr Atwine, basing on recommendations by the Inspector General of Government (IGG), on September 25, 2017, ordered Dr Mbonye, who was in the position temporarily, to immediately vacate office over alleged conflict of interest for allegedly interfering with the recruitment process that is a mandate of the Health Service Commission (HSC).

Dr Mbonye, who was caretaker of the office, challenged the IGG’s report, saying he was more qualified for the job.

Prof. Anthony Mbonye

“I am a PhD holder, a professor and senior to them in the profession. Yet they are above me, they have inferiority complex and want me to leave by all means,” Dr Mbonye told this website in late last year.

He also denied interfering with the said recruitment process, saying at the time he was acting as the permanent secretary.

“I was acting PS and I opened up Health ministry positions. HSC is a constitutional independent body. It didn’t find any problem and I did not participate in the short listing,” Dr Mbonye added.


Prof. Mbonye’s woes with the PS appear to stem from an earlier investigation in 2011 instituted by the Health Monitoring Unit, formerly headed by Dr. Atwine.

The charges against Mbonye related to a requisition and release of Shs. 603,950,000 to a one Peter Kafuko (an intern at MoH) to conduct what officials described as “fictitious activities” in several districts following a reported a Yellow Fever outbreak which had been reported sometime in late 2010.

It was alleged this money was misused at a time when Prof Mbonye was the Task Force Head and that there was no Yellow Fever outbreak as declared by WHO.

Police detectives wondered why Dr. Mbonye would facilitate the release of such colossal amounts to an intern under the guise of a “false disease outbreak.”

The team of investigators found the accountability false. The case file registered at Wandegeya CRB 575/2011 was forwarded to CIID Headquarters for further management.

It was reported that following Dr Atwine’s intervention, over Shs. 400 million was returned by the culprits to the Consolidated Fund at the Central Bank.

Dr Atwine reserved her comments regarding Prof. Mbonye’s issues although she states she approved his request for resignation in good faith for onward transmission to the Ministry of Public Service and maintains she had no hand in “forcing him out” as alleged by different accounts.

Two Luweero children rescued from suspected kidnapper

The Monitor - Thu, 02/22/2018 - 17:13
Police say the suspect claimed that he had no intention of harming the young girls but wanted to get money from the parents for survival

Uganda, Switzerland milk cultures captured in international exhibition

The Monitor - Thu, 02/22/2018 - 17:06
According to the Swiss Grison legend, there were little people like dwarfs, called Wildmanndi or Ermanndli that lived in the mountains, under trees or between rocks, who taught humans how to produce cheese

Security Agencies Blamed for Rights Violation in South Sudan

Chimpreports - Thu, 02/22/2018 - 17:06

A United Nations (UN) report released by Human Right Division and the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS), has blamed South Sudan’s security agencies — the army (Sudan People’s Liberation Army [SPLA]) and the police — for violation of freedom of expression in the country.

The report mentioned incidents which included the killing of two people, arbitrary arrest and detention of 58 others and dismissal of 16 people from their jobs, blocking websites, censoring newspaper articles and closure or suspension of media houses.

According to the UN report, the government agencies target people with views that were critical of the South Sudanese government.

“The report found that government security forces, including the National Security Service (NSS), Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA), and the South Sudan Nation Police Service (SSNPS), were responsible for two thirds of the verified cases. It stated that the NSS’ broad powers of surveillance, arrest and detention, including the imbedding of its officers in some newspaper printing establishments, meant that people were deterred from participating and discussing the state of the country or human rights. It has led to a growing climate of self-censorship,” The UN report reads

The Special Representative of the Secretary –General and Head of UNMISS, David Shearer, called for genuine inclusivity of all voices in South Sudan for the attainment of peace.

It is vital that the voices of all the people of South Sudan are heard so that genuine, inclusive and durable peace can be achieved,” said Shearer.

“All parties to the conflict must respect people’s right to freedom of expression regardless of their ethnicity, beliefs or political views.”

South Sudan’s government spokesperson wasn’t available for comment.


Billy Graham: Preacher to millions, adviser to presidents

The Monitor - Thu, 02/22/2018 - 16:45
The one-time backwoods minister who eventually became the world's foremost Christian evangelist, spread a message of spiritual redemption at tent and stadium revival meetings, in a career that spanned decades

GEMS Renews Partnership with UOC to Promote Olympic Values among Youth

Chimpreports - Thu, 02/22/2018 - 16:41

The importance of sports and games in school encompasses more than just the benefit of physical activity. Increases in self-esteem and mental alertness make school sports and games necessary for every school age child.

Although the benefits of school sports abound, with a diminishing economy, many schools are cutting out sports and physical education programs to the detriment of students nationwide.

It is on that note that the Uganda Olympic Committee (UOC) has continued to advocate for the promotion of games through partnerships with schools.

On Thursday, the UOC and GEMS Cambridge International School Kampala renewed their partnership in a joint move to promote Olympic values, Olympism and the spirit of sport among the youth.

The two parties renewed their marriage by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with UOC President, William Blick and GEMS Chief Education Officer, Bill Lyttle representing the respective entities.

The new three year MoU will aim at promoting Olympic values through Olympic Value Education Programmes (OVEP) as a means of diffusing the true spirit of sport among the young people in GEMS and the country at large.

This will be reached through initiatives aimed at teaching Olympism and Commonwealth games movement spirit among students, exchange programmes, providing free online publications and magazines, scholastic material and scholarships among others.

Lytte lauded UOC for the renewal of the partnership and promised that GEMS will continue to embrace the programmes that are mentioned in the Memorandum of Understanding.

“We are greatly honored that UOC have renewed the partnership because we have seen from the previous three years that the programme has been productive. We therefore pledge to keep the marriage and promote sports through education.” He said.

In the same currency, William Blick, the Uganda Olympic Committee President thanked GEMS for the commitment towards promoting sports and indicated the new partnership will yield more results.

“The start was very fruitful and it is on that note that we agreed to renew our partnership. As UOC we thank GEMS because they have been at the forefront of helping sport in the country. The She Cranes, rugby 7s and several other teams have used the school facilities for training. Besides, they have continued to promote sports as part of their activities,” Blick stated.

The first activity under the renewed partnership will be the 2018 Olympic debate championship that will take place on 24th February at GEMS attracting over 200 students from over 30 schools.

This will be followed by the Commonwealth Day on 12th March which will also have a number of activities as Uganda prepares for the 2018 Commonwealth games in Gold Coast, Australia.




UOC, French Embassy Donate Sports Equipment to Police Children School in Ntinda

Chimpreports - Thu, 02/22/2018 - 16:09

Sports and education work hand in hand and the saying ‘a healthy body is a healthy mind’ is commonly used amongst schools to encourage co-curricular activities.

In a bid to improve both education and sports in Uganda, the French embassy in conjunction with the Uganda Olympic Committee (UOC) have started donating sports equipment to various schools especially those within Kampala.

The first beneficiary of the programme was Police Children School in Ntinda who on Thursday received a number of sports equipment and other intangible services as a result of the understanding between UOC and the French embassy.

Among the equipment donated included; balls of different games, playing kit, goal posts for both volleyball and football and so on.

Alfred Onek who represented the French ambassador to Uganda, Ms. Stephanie Rivoal indicated, the equipment given out to the school is part of the proceedings realized from the Uganda-French friendship week celebrated last year.

“The ambassador and the French people set up targets to fulfill from the friendship week celebrated last year and we believe that through sports in schools, the youth can be helped to realize their talents at a tender age,” he said.

Assistant Inspector General of Police in charge of special duties, Andrew Sorowen who graced the occasion on behalf of the IGP lauded the French embassy and the UOC for the great work done in improving the status of police schools through sports.

“As Uganda Police Force, we are a great contributor to sports in Uganda across all disciplines and therefore if we get help to cater for the children to nature their talents at a tender age, we feel proud and thus, we thank the French embassy and Uganda Olympic Committee.” He noted.

UOC President William Blick who launched an Olympic club at the school believes the donation of equipment to the school will help improve and increase the talent in school and called upon the school administration to promote the various Olympic sports.

The Olympic committee will help to educate the games teachers in various disciplines such as netball, football, rugby, handball among others.

The donation scheme will spread to five different other schools within in Kampala with the next beneficiary being Kibuli Police Children School on 7th March.

The Uganda-French friendship week for this year is expected to take place between 17th -24th March with several activities on board.




Why Vodafone has filed for bankruptcy

The Monitor - Thu, 02/22/2018 - 16:08
In a notice of issue of an interim protection order, the Civil Division of the High Court has appointed Donald Nyakairu as Vodafone's Provisional Administrator

President Museveni Angered by EAC Summit Organizers Over Air Conditioning

Chimpreports - Thu, 02/22/2018 - 15:47

President Museveni expressed disappointment in his staff over poor preparations for the East African Community (EAC) Summit that is underway at the Common Wealth Conference Centre in Munyonyo.

Museveni’s disappointment was angered seeing a fully packed hall where delegates were not seated comfortably.

He noticed that the room lacked adequate air conditioning, causing visible discomfort to all attendants.

While the hotel could provide the much needed air conditioning, the room was packed to full capacity with delegates and journalists from six countries.

There were multiple large monitors causing overheating.

The disappointed Museveni wondered why the protocol officers had not organised a place outside to allow members enjoy the cool breeze of Lake Victoria rather than confining them in a room.

“Our organizers are always determined to inconvenience our guests. They have brought us in this ‘kafunda’ without air conditioning. This is the last time I’m going to tolerate this,” Museveni charged.

However, President Salvar Kiir of South Sudan called upon President Museveni to show mercy to the event organisers.

“I hope you don’t take any measures against the officers that organised the event; human beings are bound to making mistakes, we ask that you pardon them,” President Kiir requested.

Activists want law to empower patients, ban detention in health facilities

The Monitor - Thu, 02/22/2018 - 15:29
The executive director of UNHCO says said one of the major concerns is patients' protection through consent

NRM District Chairpersons Demand Tanga Odoi’s Resignation

Chimpreports - Thu, 02/22/2018 - 15:29

National Resistance Movement (NRM) district chairpersons from different parts of the country have reacted angrily to the recent tirade against the party Secretary General Justine Kasule Lumumba from the NRM Electoral Commission Chairman Dr Tanga Odoi.

These are calling for the resignation of Mr Odoi, who they accuse of disrespecting Mrs. Lumumba.

The two top party officials have been at loggerheads after Mrs Lumumba fired over 364 workers at the party head offices on Kyaddondo Road.

Lumumba says she decided to get rid of over 97% of the work force at the party offices in order to remain with a lean number (just eight) who the party will be able to pay.

Odoi on the other hand blames the inability of the party to pay the workers for up to 8 months, on the creation by Mrs Lumumba of ghost workers in her office.

In the heat of the exchange between the two officials through the media, Mr Odoi accused Lumumba of employing up to 70 people in her office, “some of them for handling her bags and others for manicure.”

He went on to describe Lumumba as a good dancer and field mobilizer but a poor administrator.

“Lumumba unfortunately did not go to high institution like me; where you could go to Makerere University and see how administration flows,” he said.

“She was a D.E.O, then a parliamentarian. I pity her.”

Responding to this tirade at a press conference in Kampala, NRM district chairpersons demanded that Dr Odoi apologizes to Lumumba, and for the high NRM leadership to take action against him by replacing him with a competent person who is willing to respect all party members and ready to work with every body.

In their meeting held at Kati Kati Restaurant Kampala, these pointed out that Tanga’s comments promoted not only divisionism in the party but also tribalism and sectarianism

Hajji Twaha Sewava, NRM chairman for Kalungu district, who led the group, said they were not working under anybody’s influence to demand Odoi’s resignation.

Hon Kabakumba Matsiko NRM regional coordinator for Bunyoro sub region noted that Odoi is a member of Central Executive Committee of the party and should know the avenues to use in addressing his grievances.

“We are disappointed with the way the secretary general was humiliated. We would like to call upon Mr Odoi not to bother coming to the by-election in Jinja. He should leave us with our dancer to handle the campaigns,” charged Walubya Abubaker, the NRM chairperson Iganga District.

Hajjati Madina Naham, the NRM chairperson for Koboko advised Tanga to stop targeting women in powerful positions.

“The disciplinary committee of the party should investigate this man’s behaviors because it seems he is working for the party’s enemies,” she added.

The press conference was attended by other party leaders from Mpigi, Mityana District, Kampala, Namutumba, Iganga, Koboko among others.


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